An honest question - Do whites make better parents?

So I’m sure many of you have noticed while out and about that white folk tend to really cherish their kids, always hugging them and going out of their way to make them feel loved and appreciated. It’s a common sight pale shopping malls to see white parents taking the time to play with their young children while standing in line at the cash registers or pointing out mundane shit like birds and lizards in the parking lot whereas common phrases heard among nywele ngumu parents include “nyamaza” au “nitakuchapa”.

Si kwa ubaya but it really does seem as though African parents view child rearing as a chore or lesser priority as compared to Whites who view it as a privilege? More so if you’re parents were Baby Boomers or older and tended to have the ‘children are meant to be seen not heard’ mentality… What do you guys think? Is it merely an economic issue or does something give culture wise. I often see the term low self esteem being used to describe Africans on this site and I was wondering whether this has something to do with a lack of adequate nurturing?..

Whites have no values. They have no boundaries. They don’t know the difference between good and bad.

And bonobos know the difference? That’s why they slaughter each other with machetes after disputed elections? Or can set someone alight with gasoline for stealing a chicken?

stop watching too many movies and series , read and watch their local news, you’ll be surprised.

Chicago had over 1000 murder cases in 2020,

Guess which race was mostly involved

Most whites tend to put value on their children, that’s why they will go out of their way to give them the best and plan on their lives even putting money aside for their education even b4 birth.

On the other hand to bonobos giving birth is really unplanned and some will have 5 girls trying to get a boy or just to outdo each other.

Really sad

And 99% of the cases are the blacks

Whites(most) ukifika 18. Uanze kujipanga . Waafrika unaweza hata oa ukiwa kwa mzazi

But in old age ,they rarely take care of their elderly leaving them prone to all manner if neglect/exploitation

Vile Kanguthu amesema. Most whites lay down proper plans before giving birth. They have to be financially and emotionally ready. On the other hand, bonobos like @poyoloko just give birth for the sake of meetinting the societal needs. They are emotionally and financially unstable to raise one. Now imagine a child being raised in such a toxic environment.
Go to Instagrama nd Tiktok you will see how black women are twerking all over in the name of some #challenge. I rarely see whites doing it I guess it has something to do with the lack of attention.

wenye hushoot watu kwa shule na makanisa ni blacks?

Those are one or two cases per year, ebu tafuta news ya violence in black-dominated areas. Slums like Kibera are even safer

Such a question will have no real answer.

That kid is a boy adopted by a white woman. This is not an isolated case. Many white parents are ready to make stupid mistakes like the above woman because they are “woke”.

Unasahau economy yao iko juu. Remember during Kenyatta’s time when young ppl could easily get jobs watu walikuwa wanahama when they reach 18yrs some even earlier. By the time wako 25 they already had several kids.

a single incident you’re treating it as norm

this is your victim mentality on steroids.
you tend to think what whites do is better than africans.
parenting depends on the exposure,education, information or knowledge that individual parents have about raising children and their economic position.

There is a guy in my village who got 12 girls in the pursuit of getting a son. He gave up after the 12th girl but organised with a friend of his whose household was full of sons to lay down with the wife. Luckily the kid came out as a boy and he was finally happy to have a son.

Majority of Africans (blacks) got a low IQ so their parenting of course will be poor just like their everything else (management, politics, teaching etc)

I am yet to find out what many blacks do during their free time because it’s always like they’re busy for everything, have no time to do research (whether academic or anything), have no time to teach & mentor their kids, their lecturers have no time to prepare & organize their notes, their teachers have no time to read more about the subjects they’re teaching and etc

But one thing I can say is that blacks don’t have much passion in anything they are doing. When you have the passion, you are always aiming for the best that your ability can offer.

And that can explain why blacks do everything half-heartedly (parenting included)

Maybe the question we may ask is why don’t they have the passion in anything they’re doing? The answer is much evident

I live in the west and I can tell you that not all white parents do a good job parenting. Some raise ferral kids. Raising my family here, one thing I know is that most parents are hands on. A very small number have live in help like we do in Kenya. It is simply not affordable so you don’t have much choice. Also if you do a really bad job parenting the government takes away your kids.
I adapted some of what I thought was positive and left out what didn’t agree with me personally and culturally. I liked instilling independence from an early age. Before pre-school most kids I know can get their own breakfast, clean their teeth, get ready for bed etc. By teenage most kids have some kind of a job to pay for their phone credit and trendy clothing or for cinema etc. It can be cleaning neighbours cars, cutting grass or babysitting. It does not have to be formal. That way they stay motivated into adulthood.