an errand of futility and other short stories

do you remember when Raila had demanded that Kenya must adopt a parliamentary system from our current presidential system??? do you remember the paybill to pay teachers??? do you remember 10m strong???

how do those dreams die???

they die because they are all driven by one person, they die because no one thinks of the process, They die because NASA/CORD want results without following the due process

for example, how can NASA demand a referendum in Kenya without majority members in parliament ???
even before we start heading to courts, we already have such a big roadblock in Parliament.

mis placed priority leads many to desperation


There Were NO elections in kenya. Its a sham
viva revolution

can you prove it in a court of law???

Hapo umewaza kabisa nyapara ya oserian.


well put. Mr. Regional


He will say our court of laws are questionable unless they rule in their favour


(Pubic) Regional Manager, playbill ni nini?

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Ni ile kucheza na bill kama ya fombe ama mashakura hifii pwana suicide Mbomber

heeheeh ni typo ya paybill

A referendum does not need to go through Parliament. It starts with the collection of signatures…Referendum is the will of the people, not elected representatives

Ni baba alisema…such idiotic minds for following someone so blindly