An alternative of Internet Download Manager

nani anaweza kua na alternative ya IDM anisaidie ama a faster download manager

I use fdm [free download manager].

Note: a download can only be as fast as your connection.

FDM iko down sana

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not had problems with it…

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM).

What exactly is your problem with IDM, if I may ask?

its alright but ni fake… inakataa ku.integrate kwa google chrome…
thats the only major problem

Integration into chrome can be solved by either downloading the latest version (or at least a version newer than the one you currently have) or by installing a ‘savefrom’ helper addon.

@Luther12 safi sana asanti lemme try

@Luther12 …I stopped using IDM because of a bug which makes its log files take up too much space, filling up the entire C partition. Have you ever experienced that?

@vuja de kwani wewe unatumianga gani? o.O


I use downthemall which I think is compatible only with Firefox. It’s a nice plugin as downloads can be paused and resumed where you left even if you close the browser before finishing your download. Speeds are good though it will depend on your connection and the website you downloading from. Even that pause effect depends on websites but you’ll find that most are favourable.

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@vuja de i think uko na incomplete downloads mob

The only alternative to idm ni torrent clients.

Here’s the link for DAM:

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Ive never seen any use of such software.kama net yako iko poa then you dont need such.

Even if I re-install a newer version, it always takes up all the free space on C:, whether it’s 70, 100 or 150 GB

Go to appdat folder uangalie whatsup

I know exactly which file/folder is taking up all the space. It’s an IDM log file. Deleting it doesn’t help. Inarudi tu

Unatumia idm version gani?