Amina n chriss kirubis make up kiss

Capital Fm CEO, Chris kirubu, who
is known to a no-nonsense
employer when it comes to
business, over the weekend lashed
out on Capital Fm’s Amina for
tweeting about Coke Studio Africa.
Kirubi, who is among the top
billionaires businessman in Kenya
was not pleased by his employee,
who was making noise for another
brand instead of the company she
works for.
This caused a lot of havock on
twitter, leaving #kot with no option
but to lash out on Kirubi for
stalking his employees. Below is
the original tweet
The two later on bury the hatchet
and later on took a photo
embracing her with a kiss as a sign
of re-union.[ATTACH=full]96[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]96[/ATTACH]

that kiss Judas gave Jesus thats what i see

Chris ni Fisi