Ameuza hadi nyumbani kwao Central Province.

Nchi iuzwe.


I wonder what if some Okuyus were being trained in Gachie enroute to China… what would the comments be like on Chinese social media?!

Na vile wananyima Africans Chinese visas siku hizi.

We @patco unajua Sammy?

Sammy yupi?

warris this

wow that is so retarded, all the Brits should commit suicide because we are about to go sell their country with our little English

Is the invasion that is a comin’ in a few years time.

I’ll have you know that the first order of business for the English was to learn the local African dialects by sending friendly missionaries and explorers. Wanaketi na nyinyi for several years just observing and noting everything down. The language, geography, local medicines, where the gold mines are located etc.

Wakishajua language, culture, power structure… sasa intelligence yao inaingia. They device strategies to divide the natives. Divide and rule. That way it is very easy to colonize.

Na hadi leo 2019 the Kenyan tribes hate each other like a non sense. Always suspicious of each other.

Including even former close neighbors e.g. Kiuks and Kambas…

Sammy wa gachie?..he was mentioned in another thread …that he indulges in kegs from the local

yeah, am sure, most kenyans even understand their local dialect. At the time it was useful for speaking with powerful village chiefs. Right now if you want to speak with an informed person of infleunce, kuongea na kamau wa mutura ni umefi juu hakuna kitu atakusaidia unelss you want to establish the largest brothel in that side of kawagware.

BTW if you were trying to take over Kenya would it not make more sense to learn Swahili or Turkana where all the oil and minerals are located. Au pia wao wanatak kuingilia biashara ya tuploti?

Na utaona wazazi wengine are proud their kids hawajui their native language yet Mchina anastruggle kuijua

White man made the native insecure. It was all in the grand scheme of colonization.

To inflict a state of inferiority in the native so he can be subjugated easily.

He cleverly made the native to accept and believe that everything the native had or knew was bad, old fashioned, taboo, backward, barbarian… etc etc… basically in need of white re-education.

The colonial missionaries went as far as labelling the African ways as PAGAN ways, pagan gods, pagan names… etc.

So the native adopted a Christian name.

Traditional religion was labelled as “witchcraft”, “sorcery”, black magic, rain making…

Tradional doctors became lowly “medicine men” and witch doctors.

The colonialist mainly targeted the young African in his conversions. He enticed him or her with clothes instead of skins, “modern” education, “modern” medicine, straightened hair, shoes, recorded English music and dance… etc.

The likes of the young Johnstone Ngengi, carpenter… future meter reader… future Briton… he couldn’t resist. It wasn’t his fault really.

So it was hard for the young African to ever go back to his ancestral ways. The colonial way to this day is always percieved as modern,acceptable… educated, “intelligent” , “classy”.

The traditional way is shameful, funny, not be taken seriously. We are not yet Uhuru in our minds.

We are ashamed. You will find many talkers here hata kuandika kiswahili dakika mbili ni taboo. To them it shows lack of intelligence and sophistication. Uromera… sorry, waambie waongee lugha ya mama… afadhali watapike!!