Amesema "she's not psychologically ready"

A while back late last year, nilipatana na dame Fulani, we used to be classmates back in pry school… We exchanged numbers …and that was it… Ii time ya covid, (mid April) one day while working from home ,nikaboeka Tu nikaingia WhatsApp, nikaamuaa kuchokoza wale madame I hardly talk to … I landed on her… Tukaanza kuchat Tu, catching up, … Kidogo kidogo then tukaplan kumeet Jayden akifungua nchi…we met and… that’s when I really paid close attention to her…nkaona uyu ni dame amejiweka poa na ni edible, plus ATA ndio alikua amebreak up na ex wake … kama fisi, nikaanza kumake izo moves …fast forward, juzi tunaflirt alafu… akanishow she "isn’t psychologically ready for sex yet " …but ako ready Ku explore vitu zingine …am like wtf do you mean by that ?

Ni friend zone anadai kuniingisha ama amenionea 18 venye ntakula na niende karura, ama uyo ex wake alimshow maneno… Akachukia sex?


For how long should we say this simple rule:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

In short, she sees you not worthy of pulling her pants down. So, do not see her worthy of your money.

Ata sisi tunajiuliza kama wewe.

hizi maswali achia NVs unless wewe ni elder kifaranga ya kompyuta

Next utasikia I need 3k urgently? Alafu I thought you were a good friend who cares. :D:D:D

Ikus kama hujaikula on the first meeting you have zero business acumen and should stay in the friend’s pit. Mtu kama hana bidii ya kukuliwa asiwe na roho ya kupelekwa road trip and fancy dinners. Now what do you do after a good day out ?

“not psychologically ready” is code for “you are not my type”. Hupendwi/hakutaki. But like all bonobos you will try and force things instead of diverting your attention/energy/resources to the next target.

Endelea kumsuka utatuletea hakaya in a few. Block yeye na usahau

Ghost her

It may mean two things:

  1. It’s true she’s not psychologically ready. If this is the case, then it’s usually because she is still nursing serious wounds from the heartbreak. Heartbreaks can be painful, people lose a lot of weight and sweat profusely at night because of it.

2) It’s a polite, clever way of rejection.

So what do you do:
Give it another try next time, after some time, like after one month or more.
Meanwhile look for another challenge.

Senior NV block and delete…

Briffault couldnt have said it better than this!
This is always the rule of the thumb!

sio friend zone ni beta male boyfriend wa kupigiwa 6p.m. kuulizwa how was ur day
umepeleke out that shit
easier optionss are out there

Heri nioshe nyumba na socks kuliko nisome hio upusss


some thinng does not add up: by the time you agreed to meet jayden akishafungua nchi, what was the agenda?

not ready for u tht is

Correction…She is not Psychologically ready to have sex[SIZE=7] with you[/SIZE]…spread your wings and fly brethren:D:D:D:p

Uliza ule caretaker @under23 ,ame deal na visanga kama hizo tangu when he turned 23 13yrs ago