American Vs German tug of war

:smiley: when it comes to performance, German engineering are is no joke. Toureg pulling jeep wrangler like a vitz

Hizi tug of war are a poor metric of perfomance because something as simple as type of tyres can give either car a big advantage over the other. The cars are also supposed to be of the same weight. Anyway, hizo touaregs are nice kwanza hiyo model kuna yenye iko na V10 engine.

Umeffi post…there are so many variants in this test…kila kitu inafaa kuwa same to level the ground

It’s entertainment bwana, 4x4 suv being pulled by an AWD


All in all 4x4 is the best in the making

American vehicles are total garbage.

USA is only good at making weapons, not cars. Fords come with oil leaks straight out of the assembly line.

Ukitaka quality, reliability and performance go to Japan the kidogo Europe

American cars ni meffi tupu afadhali hata Japanese jalopies

Guys so lets settle this is All wheel drive better than a 4x4?

A moment of silence for those clutch plates