American sentenced two years for illegal stay

40yr old american man sentenced by a Nyeri court to serve 2 years in prison if he fails to raise the Kes. 200,000 fine.

  1. This chap is illegally staying in the country so we give him food and lodging funded by tax payers?

  2. No lass has fungad him? Or he is broke?

  3. Why is it Nyeri has all the funny stories?


Wachana na watu wa Nyeri Boss. Uko ni Nanyuki

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Kamiti wanapata white meat

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That owl is very handsome.

Another paper had reported that he was sentenced in Naivasha court…

Oh… So now Nanyuki is in Nyeri. ?

Nanyuki is so close to nyeri… bt seems the guy has hidden agenda. what the hell on earth that somebody prefers to be in jail here in kenya

Na alishikwa aje, am sure there are numerous wazungus here that are illegals, but wakionekana art cafe’ everyone assumes they are legit

Mostly its deals gone sour