American gods

Does anyone sense diabolical spiritual undertones in some of these new series?

This show is awesome if your familiar with mythology
a few of my favourite scenes


That serie is from hell. It ministers evil to people who watch

After the case of Lawrence I am really careful about what I am watching nowadays. I’ve stopped watching even news bcz too much killing.

Lawrence was possesed by a killing demon. He opened the doorway when he was watching the series (killing eve), so the demons had legal rights over him.

Wacha upus ive watched all two seasons and killing eve is a dark humour drama hio kijana alikua na mental issues due to drug addiction.

2 seasons? You are now a danger to society, I am even fearing that your comments may hack us all to death. Please keep 2 meters away from this guys comments before he hacks you to bits.

The series is awesome, if you’ve kept in touch with your roots and history to identify the gods and the American story down to modernity.
Not everything is evil, educate yourself.

Hiyo series ni dope

Dude has been ruled unfit mentaly to be charged…stop.hating on some good script with originality :Dacheni ujinga