American Dream

America used to be great, a land of opportunities, prosperity, innovation, freedom etc then BANG!!! Shit happened.

Today i think United States of America produces the biggest number of fools per capita. Thats why the Chinese were able to catch up so quickly and will soon overtake the US as the biggest economy. Thats why the US is unable to deal with catastrophies like New Orleans katrina effectively such that 10 years down the line much of New Orleans looks like a city in a third world country. Thats why the US military might and confidence is dwindling such that you will not hear of the US dedicating boots on the ground in any conflict today or any time soon. They have resorted to airstrikes or using proxies whenever they intervene somewhere. Thats why they would even consider electing that clown Trump. Thats why they cannot dare intervene in Ukraine. And i think i know why the great US of A is on a downward spiral.

You see, sometimes as i flip through the channels i peek into this channel called E Entertainment. And the things i see there amaze me. Like those shows of keeping up with the kardashians. Who in their right minds follows these useless shows? Yet they must have millions of followers for them to be produced so consistently and to make the ‘actors’ so damn rich. Just today i saw that crazy transgender Bruce Jenner has his own show now called I am cait. Remember he transitioned to caitlin jenner. Now, who in their right mind follows such a guy to make him such a celebrity? On the same channel people are ever having useless plastic surgery and paying top dollar to now very rich surgeons to ‘enhance’ their boobs, butts, faces etc while here we struggle to secure much needed and deserving surgeries to burn victims, deformed babies and heart condition patients. So who are these people on E i ask? My answer is FOOLS.

Yes, fools. America is no longer producing great minds like it used to. Instead its on overdrive producing fools. And believe me in a highly capitalised society that promotes consumerism beyond reason, fools are very necessary to keep the system going. Fools will be convinced to buy anything just to turn the millionaires into billionaires. And thats why the kardashians have a cult like following. If you ask yourself, what do the kardashians or our own veras and huddahs have to offer this world other than nonsense. Yet a scientist who discovers a vaccine to ebola is not as celebrated? America is leading the world in producing fools and we are quickly following them as usual. The folly of it all is that a society that produces too many fools downgrades fast and soon implodes


America is also leading the world in top schools. Great research programs, MIT, Princeton, CalTech…

Your theory is grossly myopic. & before you call me a sympathiser, hear me out.

They have the numbers. That’s it. How do companies like Facebook, Google come to be in a population of 400m yet Alibaba from a population of 1.4B took longer to get to the top? India has great minds. Great doctors and engineers. But it also has fools who beg all day long on the streets.

Just because America has publicised most facets of it’s being, doesn’t mean it is going down. That’s what you are chosing to concentrate on…


You only need to read the comments on yahoo stories to understand the scale of the problem. Out of every 100 comments only five are intelligent. Im telling you fools are taking over

Their fools know how to comment on yahoo. ours have no idea what is yahoo or the kenyan version of it(Ktalk).


The things you are talking about are because of the abudance in the middle class and that is typical of any middle class even here. The middle class dwells in mediocrity. The poor and the wealthy dont give a fuck about big asses and transgenders, gossip etc. the wannabes in the middle hiyo ni kazi yao. And the US has almost everyone in the middle.
I’m not trying to be fan of anybody, but they are still light years ahead. China was able to take a man to space in 2008 or so, something that has been done by the two leaders even before Kenya was. All top technology companies are american. Modern aviation and communication tech is american and they still hold that position firmly. Modern entertainment industry is american. And america is still the biggest economy by most measurement indexes(approaches) and they are just 320 million people. They have poverty in the lowest classes, but everyone has that and probably worse in most cases. Their per capita income is also very high too.

When it comes to manufacturing, per capita output(goods manufactured per person), Japan leads, then germany, US, etc

The only thing americans(U.S.) are oblivious to is the issues in the wider world. And this is simply because they are the trendsetters, and that their country is big and so much is going on that they cant hear you speak. Before a person in Kansas hears news of colorado, the next state, then next state, technology, yahoo, twitter, facebook, ford, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Isis, Newest american war tech, Kanye, Diddy, Boeing, rihanna, J Lo’s ass, Trump, iPhone, Terminator, prison break II, then nevada, then…by the time they are done, the rest of the world is a non-issue. Someone living in rural Oregon might actually not know who is Obama and what the fuck the guy does in some place called Washington DC, but knows the local sheriff, governor, mayor, senator etc. How will such a guy know of Kenya, its people or even any other place/thing outside of US. He just knows some place called africa, Europe, China and does not know ho lives there and hence the apparent mega ignorance. They have so much about themselves and everyone else is just copying, especially China. Its a reality people from other countries hate to observe.


When Ben Carson was writing his book Gifted Hands or Think Big, am not sure which one, he lamented about the attention sports was getting from kids vis a vee science and intellectualism in general. Things seem worse today with entertainment having gained a foothold, vanity is like a cancer, it spreads and takes over eventually.

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It all depends on your station and plane in this life. None of the above exists if you live in Santa Barbara and holiday by princess cruises to Melbourne and Alaska bi-annually…

…choose your Dimension wisely…

umeni mada buda,

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I always say: Every great nation shall fall (to summarise) and for Americans it starts with Donald Trump.

Our fools are all over facebook and twirrer. Just go and see the hundreds of coments when huddah posts a photo. Also see the comments on something like a leader opening a development project or so. Or the followers on people like alai and ngunyi who are just political commentators 24/7 with nothing else to offer society.
Anyway the jest of my thread was peoples preoccupation with useless things like the kardashian shows and how ‘fools’ are being manipulated into consumerism and vanity by clever capitalists at the detriment of all except a few. And this is bringing down societies greatly such that the conquests of the past remain unreachable today. Society today is on overdrive producing fools and fools products.

You, @Dunya, are a fool produced by Kenya. Na usiseme nimekutusi

Never, to be a fool i’d have to put a lot of effort

Abudance comes with the behaviours you see. Once people are well fed and sheltered, the only other thing most will think about is sex and everything to do with it. So its no wonder our increasingly obese middle class is obsessed with big asses and whores. Its same in US. They are obsessed with online porn(you can search for statistics). Americans probably watch kenyan porn than kenyans do. In fact, they watch more porn of any kind than anyone else, but they have built an empire and most of the middle class is overfed and and are now obsessed with trivialities.
What do you feel when you have eaten and you have nothing to do? FUCK.

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Hehe, mimi nasoma tu comments. Ikifika discussion ya middle east nitachangia. Ni hayo tu

You fools are so obsessed with America a country some of you will never visit na nimaparagrapghs mnaandika apa… You will never find a conversation like this in US but leave it to Africans to idolize the jungus… WASHENZI!!

Why are you always angry?

Naah I’m not angry it’s a character I portray you should see me LMAO at some comments

What do you want us to write about? Your wife!

America has had to fight wars each decade since the world wars, the human cost of war cannot be put in monetary value. Despite the sweeping reforms passed by Lyndon Johnsons government, he still lost the primaries due to his support for the war in Vietnam, and you know of the casualties. Saddams ouster and Afghanistan are no different, lives were lost, others came back maimed and in a situation where the goals aren’t clear, who will support such wars? Setting boots into Syria is a potential powder keg. They are drawing down in Afghanistan and general forces left Iraq, do you think the American public will support putting boots in another nation after the horrors of Iraq/Afghanistan?

Naah not really I would like to hear about business ideas, matters on stock, yaani things concerning Kenya and how we can improve as individuals in this village I’m sure some of you have some great input that can help people like me… But there is freedom to of speech so do whatever you want