American Dream!

If you live in America, and you do several jobs, and sleep less than eight hours a day, or less than eight hours in a twenty four hour period, then it is because the American dream zoomed past you! The dream normally arrives with long quality sleep! Sleeping less and overworking to meet our targets does not conform to the hallmarks of happy living. However it is understandable when the elderly find themselves awake for long during the night and get naps during the day. Stay home and rest, work less, dream more!

Umweffi thread.
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Nikienda US naenda huko kama msito Elon Musk. Naenda huko kuanza biz si kuajiriwa.

Run on your lane and you will find yourself using less expletives! Na ujifunze kutunga sentensi!

Get old and you will understand

Come to your reality sense…
You live in a shark/plot 10 and talk about America, when you haven’t been there.
Schupid dreams.

Haki Yangu, You write like a female I once knew! Are you the one? What are you unhappy about?

No offence but you’re a colossal nitwit.

In simple terms what do you mean? Call spade a spade man. Wacha udaku ya wamama

Vile kila MTU amesema hapo juu wewe Ni female crippled umbwa koko kasoro akili

Wewe ni meffi in my eyes

Who is still selling akoho? Seems am the only sober kenyan.

Saw a post on twitter asking whoever has any medical related training to apply for visa in their countries.
Not sure how true it is.