America behaves like the leader of cord… doing the same thing always and expecting different results. This Kerry did he come to visit the sitting government or to poke his nose in our country internal affairs? is it a wonder the Chinese are overtaking them on all fronts? What business does America have in meeting human rights in Kenya or even meeting the opposition… Mother of free world in deed and the security surrounding him is like that of a wanted criminal! The coming of this American to Kenya is even exposing us more to terrorist attacks!

hii maneno ukifikiria utapata ulcers…God grant us the serenity…malizia

Mbicha, rink, website ni muhimu hapa to back up your claims. Otherwise inakaa tuhekayahekaya ivio_O

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America is you and me…

Vyenye @mariachi amekuambia hapo ^^^

Accept and move on. Your rambling will not stop him from coming ama siumtumie Itumbi barua uache kulia lia hapa.

Take another puff and relax brotha…nchi ina wenyewe

Fret not. Do your thing in this country and let the govt do what it does.

The dude has just made a surprise visit to Somalia after leaving Kenya. Kumbe ni kaoga hivyo.

Na bado…ngoja airforce one akuje…barabara zote zitafungwo…all phones will be jammed… this village will be down…now flights taking off or landing in Nairobi…The Americans will take over this shit for the few hours hes gonna be here…just ask the tanzanians…yap si ni nyinyi mlimu invite…

Kenya is a sovereign country hawawes jaribu upus kama hio

brace yourself it will happen …this is Africa