America has soo much money that they even don't know where it came from

Ingekuwa Kenya, the accountants wangenyamazia halafu waresign na wahepe na hiyo pesa yote. @applebee100

It doesn’t matter because they’ll give it all to the illegal immigrants. The do-nothing Democrats led by sleepy Joe and crooked Kamala have completely destroyed America. They’re using our tax dollars to fund senseless wars in Ukraine and Israel while millions of Americans continue to sleep hungry. If Trump doesn’t win in November, I will take my gun with me to Capitol Hill to help take our country back.




Protected by the 2nd amendment. Shoutout to our founding fathers and the constitution.

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Your black a** will be shot dead na hio gun yako boss. Don’t let your wild fantasies lie to you buana!

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Plenty of black people with guns in broad daylight every single day. You watch too much CNN. Get off that TV and go outside. Live!

nabii zakayo wept



Bro tulia

Wachana Na hiyo Niga who live somewhere in Alabama/Mississippi using outdoor toilet kama wale wa Udhiru listening to FOX News 24/7.

He lives in the downtrodden America,

Common occurrence in accounting. The difference is Kenyan criminal thieves would have stolen it by now then stuck their fingers in their ass and made everyone smell it by building lavish mansions and giving fake lessons on hardwork to peasants

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Angekua na hio zeal kudevelop kibera kwao, Kenya tugesonga mbali

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Utarudi huko Yuess before or after elekshen?

So far najua about 5 summer bunnies ambao wamerudi fumbistan.
Wanasema huko watarudi mid January.
It’s that serious.

Before election. I need to vote for DJT