AMD Quad-Core A8 or Intel i3. Which is better ?

There’s this HP laptop
and there are others with Intel i3 core (dual core). The AMD is ‘pulling’ me because it’s quad core but I’m not sure about its performance. Sema kuchangayikiwa. Nataka ya light gaming and such. Sitaki desktop for now. AMD or Intel?

Zile games unataka kucheza, angalia recommended specs for both AMD na Intel, that should help you choose.

quad core A8 is no match for i3 (3rd gen and up) in processing power only. but the gap is small. A8 also runs cooler. AMD processors are also cheaper but get the work done
if looking at light gaming, go for AMD coz mostly it will have a better graphics card.
remember i3 vs A8 is a processor comparison. BUT inside the A8-6410 in this walmat lapy lives the Radeon R5 IGP running @800mhz. this will handle DX 11.2. because of the GCN architecture it might even find itself DX12 ready if AMD play their cards right. the i3 on the other hand has a rubbish HD 4200 at best.
tip- let the 4gb ram be dual channel ie 2 gb x2. better still upgrade and have 8gb (4gb x2). this is because the processor and the R5 will share ram. dual channel will be more efficient and faster.
looking at your current need(light gaming), go for the HP with AMD. best of both worlds


Light gaming ni games zipi? Chess, solitaire, pinball ama?

I thought I knew a thing or two about computer hardware specs. Leo umefichua ujinga yangu na hiyo mambo ya dual channel ram, is it something you set on bios ama its a hardware fix?

no need to set. ukiweka ram sticks, bios, processor, IGP na os zinatambua whats up automatically

@danji1 cant add anything more on what @mariachi has already said. there is a misconception out there that games are depend-ant on the processor on once rig which is false, if you gaming your concentration should be on the graphics card. If you are production oriented guy look at the processing power, core counts and number of cache in the offing.

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Specs za COD ni zipi?

Cod gani? Advanced warfare?


Yaani u guys go to shop laptops for gaming. Like seriously ur considering the best specs for games???..where do u find all the time to play games anyway.

Speaking of which, anybody sampled these TAIFA machines?

mimi after a few frustrations with my old laptop,i recently thot of assembling my own p.c,the best of the best it can be,shida tu ni ati sijajua kwenye pesa ya hii budget(around USD 5000) itatoka