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ile thread ingine ni kama ilikufa. What niches are trending? what niches are you in currently? How do you go abot keyword research? I am reviving my site

KW research simplest strategy ni utafute long tails za kam a 100 search volume. Utarank rahisi an zainconvert faster.

With like 100 articles, that is guaranteed over 5K worth of very easy to convert traffic.

How big is your site… DM me I can do you a solid and do you quick KWs free this slow weekend

says profile is limited… hii stuff nilianza 2015 with a free site nimeona ata haiwezi fufuliwa… labda nisave hio content nianze fresh… I was in home and gardening… saa hizi I am rusty, can’t even remember how I started… dont know even the niche is even profitable like before

Ebu tafuta torrent ya Matt Diggity Affiliate Lab kama uko interested

i will asap… unafanya hii stuff?

Kwa muda mrefu…

Amazon haina commissions poa, better sell products with affiliate partnerships. Utapata more than 25% commission guaranteed. I only focus on 40% plus, so nauza best affiliates, the rest napata profits kwa ads

na hii niche nilikuwa, whats your comment about it

Every niche can comfortably make you like 350K KSH monthly, no matter how small.

It’s just the NICHE can’t expand to be $100,000 monthly income business… or at least it’s very hard to grow to that. Advantage is that you can grow it to make like $100,000 annually very easily, only it won’t expand much.

Matt Diggity offers awesome insight into the game, ukipata hiyo tutorial, uko set ku-create kitu itakupatianga doh decent in 6 months.

Content is everything. If you master content game then you have a business.

I have one dormant one. Can someone comb me how I can make it start generating income. Its less that year old about photography gears.

Content is critical, but you MUST understand what the market wants. That’s why I outsource my content needs but NEVER my KW research…

This is where I track sales on new sites…

Good content strategy (that’s good KW research) is what you look for in Affiliate marketing


First identify good affiliate opportunities and build KWs that are easy to convert and easy to rank for… long tail KWs all day

Matt Diggity’s affiliate LAB gives you all the basics you need to get started. Fail, Learn, Repeat…