amazon fire stick

Has anyone bought this gadget?

Any reviews?

I saw on Facebook that it has BT, skysports and other UK and local channels.

Seems like a great alternative to dstv.

I usually it’s advert in India seem like its a solid gadget

i have it…no regrets

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How much did you buy it for and can you watch EPL and champions league on it

I have it. Very cheap if you buy in USA (about 3K). Sells for about 8-10k on olx here. I have installed KODI and netflix among others on it. That is how I get my series, movies and games (links within kodi). Kodi is kind of erratic these days though…most links are down. Installed even mobdro on it. You need internet to use it. I use zuku

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If one has a smart TV is there any need for this thing.

I have a smart TV. The Biggest source of content for me has been KODI -. I did not find any way to install kodi on my smart TV (there may be methods that I do not know about). However Netflix and youtube all work on smart TV and do not necessitate an extra dongle. Please note there are other similar and competent produsct in the market too such as Roku, Chromecast etc…

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My main interest is EPL and champions league. Which is the best gadget to get in order to access these games.

You can opt for this one… Goes for around 5k now. Install mobdro and you can stream all the leagues and other sports too

Please note that you do have no absolute need for any of these gadgets at all (it is just a neat solution) …if you have a computer just visit the websites streaming football and connect your computer to your TV via an HDMI and you are good to go!

Visit the FTA/IPTV section of Kenyatalk to get educated on these issues…

Read this following thread for links to sports streaming sites:

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Why should I buy some gadget that will end up using Internet when I can simply connect a LAN cable to the TV and stream everything in ultra HD with no buffers.

Pls educate me.


You’ve been a massive help brother. Thanks

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Flexibility. The Smart TV have their own OS which aren’t popular among developers. They are very limited in terms of 3rd app support. If you can get a smart TV with Android OS then you might not need these other gadgets. The thing is; most of those gadgets come with Android OS & most of those that don’t have such OS allow Android apps to be sideloaded into them. & there are many Android based apps that allow streaming of content online - & in HD too. Apps like Terrarium & Mobdro can work on Android boxes but not on Smart TV. That’s why you’re missing so much by just sticking to only what your smart TV offers