Am stressed

Married two weeks ago and am already tired of my wife.I cant hide the fact that my freedom is over.Imagine am no longer allowed to be busy on phone in my house,where i pay rent.Halafu amenishow i deactivate my twitter and Facebook…thats why nimekimbilia huku
Help jamaani

Dude be tough like an iron , women can supress you like a matress if you obey them . Be a hard nut to crack

She wants to manage you from the start, if you let it pass even for one extra day, every day the rope will be shorter and shorter.

sijaoa bado and by the stories naona daily, am starting to rethink the matter

Wewe kwisa:D
Ungeconsult @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii before marriage

Ask her why you should deactivate your accounts.there will obviously be no viable reason. Kuwa ngumu and tell her you will not deactivate.since you are newly married, she will let it go.

Good luck boss. But I will tell you without fear or favour,mti hukunjwa bado ukiwa mchanga na umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo.
That said,sit her down and have an honest conversation with her. Since love is still hot,you have be honest with her and discuss all that troubling you regarding every thing in your new marriage.
Again,good luck in your new marriage and congratulations for taking the plunge.

Did u ever date ama ulitafutiwa bibi na nyanyako?

:D:D:D:D:D, successful bait and switch ,Sasa utajua female nature Ni Nini , RED PILL philosophy ingekusaidia , lakini Sasa boiling the frog syndrome ndio itakua maisha yako ,ugua pole pole my fren

We dated six months.I have to say she used to be a doormat for my demands.Sasa i have heavily invested in this marriage plus wedding loan close to 1M sijui nifanyaje

Wedding loan?? Wewe ni shenzi. Amekuzalia ama bado?

Six months is a very short time if you ask me. You have no idea who you married, you will know her true character after three to four years. What was the hurry?

Na after mtoi ama watoi…

Ati wedding ang’owa?

Just wondering Kwa financial institution ulisema ni ya nini ? Anyway please discuss the issue now and in a sober manner.If you can’t agree its better muachane soon.Your well being is worth more a million .

Wedding loan ya 1M?? Another solid proof that idiots live amongst “K-talk mbirrionaires”
Umwachie tu hiyo simu yako, freedom ulipoteza kitambo.

Hio mita moja ungeekelea deposit ya Audi A5 Quattro 2012 KCU registration. Saa hii tungekua na wewe hapa Bourbon Bridge tukipewa lapdance na slayqueens wa Utalii College tukimeza JW Double Black bila kusumbua. Lakini ujinga wako ni kama hereditary jamaa.

I’ll just wait for the comments because I cannot say anything else that isn’t already being said.

I think you were born for MGTOW

Stamp your authority early, otherwise you are finished!!!