Am so inclined to agree with this man

You can’t just be screwing the country then expect umalizie vizuri. Considering that jamaa wa Lee Funeral Home has been tithing well lazima ukuwe biashara kwake.

its the sad reality

May his tweet become reality

He lied because Beth Mugo, Peter Anyang Nyong’o, Raila Amollo Odinga and Isaac Rutto all have sought medical treatment overseas and came back alive. And it will keep happening.
I get his drift but there’s no need for exaggeration and outright lying to get his point across.

Even if the medical institutions become better in this country…Prominent leaders and even resourceful kenyans will still seek medical treatment abroad.


Must you argue?

No but if you know the truth and keep it to yourself then what kind of person are you?

Must you blindly believe everything you read?

For snobbish effect or?

We can’t even train enough personnel and specialists, na kuna issue ya leased equipment that isn’t being used along with medicine cartels and mismanagement by county administrators. Shida kila mahali.