AM Re-Elected. Objective Completed!

The idea of the buffer zone between Kenya and Lower Shabelle was an excellent one by Kibaki. Aluta Continua. Alpha Mike used to greet us na mikono miwili but now amekita mizizi hatutambui watu bila chase car. Anyhu, he’s a fantastic fellow and with that Kenya has won the battle. Interesting times ahead though

Kabisa won by 2/3 votes. Now after all attempts by farmajo to rig, interference and remove him payback will be nasty. Expect Jubaland independence from Mogadishu.

56 votes against 17. It was expected

Meanwhile… [ATTACH=full]255485[/ATTACH]

Leo ni mbuzi tumbukiza!

Mbicha zinaland

Mbicha zikam

Hiyo kachumbari iwekwe firifiri Kali ka teargas ya TMT akishindwa uchaguzi.

Safi kabisa. The drone strike make them to live underground and limits their movement.

In the end alshabab support base will shrink to be in lower and upper Shebelle land up to Mogadishu. Then you wonder why farmoja isn’t focusing on the weekly bomb blasts in Mogadishu. He is pretending to fight them as his main focus is controlling regional states so that he can auction oil blocks in their territories. In Jubaland, Mogadishu doesn’t spend a cent in providing any service to the people there. So why expect to control it? Let them govern themselves and itself.

Mbicha ziko wapi?? Umeshawet my appetite halafu unatuangusha

Matope is aging and health failing him! Just like other leaders he refuses to groom a successor plus he is not being fair to other soldiers who support his cause choosing to pay his clans men and frustrating others in his army he should paint them all with one brush!!!

We don’t want a fair guy. We want a puppet. The US don’t love the Saudi prince coz of his humane ways. Grand strategic objectives my friend.


I doubt the elections and restlessness are done…Madobe hawezi maliza term ngine,infact rival factions have already declared themselves winners

this is good news. now i hope these people can harness their industriousness and build their section of the nation.

Kenya congratulates matope

Tfg ikasema haitambui hio hesabu bandia!!! Item semi Arab ai interpret