Am proud to be born in Kenya.......a running nation.

1.Kikuyus run Kenya,
2.Kalenjins run in Kenya and all over the world,
3.Luos run US and the world,
4.Luhyas run the world thro’ football and Music
5.Kisiis run at night
6.The rest have a running stomach.

Demotion to guest pap.

6.The rest have a running stomach. mundu mulosi umepatikana nini.

Hehe moderator wa kupambana na unga

Every community in Kenya eats Ugali, soo there is no joke here.

Your avatar says different

You obviously have have not watched breaking bad.

No I watched it. I know that peyalos guy is a crazy smiling psychopath but I haven’t been able to watch it past season three. I have not idea why but I hate that Skylar bitch.

Breaking bad ilishika moto season three and I don’t understand why you stopped. Gus was epic in the last seasons.

It’s that wife of Walter White. Her character just used to turn me off kabisa…