Am not sober

Am not sober odiero am not sober and I am going to bully someone in the bed room …



harufu ya sminorf kwa mdomo

Reminds me of that song. Nice tune:

@Cypher254 you just keep thumping ur chest that u are goin to bully, come sunday or Monday don’t pull a @Ice_Cube ati ulilala immediately you begun the job, anyway be strong, play smart na chunga mchele

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Then sober up.

Apeweeee kituuuuuuu!

Just woke up with a naaaaasty hang over… Triple distilled mama yao…
Kunyuria ilileta mezesh dame ilifika time akasema’ if you not cuming stop humping me like a bunny’ …


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Sasa hiyo McKenzie ni pombe ama?

Fathe unajua meaning ya e word ama unatumia ju wengine wanatumia?