Am In

Any Rituals for new Joiners???

Only a simple test …ngoja kidogo tu

Wacha ningoje na kama hakuna maisha izidi…

‘Joiners’ ni syndrome gani

@kalel, Ya Kufeel Kuingia kila mahali kuna space…Especially ka yenye iko behind my T.

@Njamba, You interested na Cleanness ama Shimo??? Anyway, Cleaner than the dog you lying with hapo but ukitaka zaidi kuja na detergents…

@Njamba Huthu , your gay talk is annoying. You have no other meaningful contribution to make other than muck -raking?


Eish, @admin, don’t we have enough Adams already? How r we supposed 2 fill the village if there are so few eves. Congrats though, at least u have admitted a dude with a clean ass this time…

Most ladies are afraid of this place. It takes balls of steel to survive amongst these villagers.


@admin how can this niggas be allowed to post such faggetry on this Village. Its wrong totally wrong.

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how can we even be sure that you dont have em real balls

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@Njamba Huthu you are now too much, drop this gay shit and please change that avatar.

How can i even know that you are not even sure that I don’t have em real balls?

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that avatar killed me. woi… dude has serious issues.

from that comment i cant even know whether i have em real balls or steel balls

hahahahaha…the best way to deal with these faggot wannbes is to ignore them…the more you pay attention to them…the more orgasm you give them…


am i high or are you growing em balls pf steel for real

or four balls…!!!

@Cypher254… come nikutokelezee ???.. @Wu Tang… i suggest u heed at @Supu don advice and avoid me like plague… am not in ktalk to impress anyone. take ur dirty asshole hukoooooooo…

Don’t you have enough handles already.Ama unataka tu kuona tuki kutusi?