Am a Tanzanian and why I believe in EAC..

…guys, I studied at KSMS sometime back. Na naomba niwe honest, nimeshaibiwa na Wakenya. But at least they taught me a lesson that am willing to take. Whatever you may believe about us (afterall mnaambizana kuwa tumelala - and you are mostly justified in saying that), some of us have been influenced by you guys. Am crying out for a Kenyan who believes he can make it here.

Please; for those who think am joking or am aiming to steal you are welcome to ridicule me. But for anyone who really is willing to take a chance (I won’t deny you due dilligence and will use a Kenyan bank) you are welcome.

Mafi ya ukweli unasumbua bana. Hapa kila mtu ni birrionaire, hatuhitaji usaidizi wako au mapeni yako. Ghaseer.

I am a Tanzanian (in Psychology, when you insist on repeating and emphasising something, you are lying). Example, ‘Let me tell you the truth’ is the start of so many lies.

Most likely. But if you have invested elsewhere then you did consider those facts. But you still did go ahead and invest (albeit after doing due diligence), am I right? If you take my words for it without doing due diligence and in the process you get swindled would you blame me? Au banks “zenyu” hu-dish out loans kabla ya kufanya investigations?

Karibu tena kutukana. Hiyo uliyofanya haitoshi. Kila mtu Kenya ni “birrionaire”? Hata Bill Gates (na ni billionaire na si “birrionaire”) hajaacha ku-invest. Na investments zake zipo hadi South Sudan na DRC ambako si kila mtu ni “birrionaire”.

Ukitaka kusaidia Kenya ongea na Magufool aache ufala na aanze kutimiza yaliyikubalianwa na viongozi wenzake.

Viongozi (magufool or anybody else) hawatasaidia (si Kenya tu bali kwa Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan na hata DRC). Kitakachotusaidia ni business community.

Shine eyes husemaa “atìrìrì nì kìambìrìria kia maheni”

What is it you want to accomplish with this thread? Is it about East Africa Community or something to do with unspecified investment (you mentioned due diligence)? Kama ni kizungu imekataa type in kiswahili wakenya wanaelewa kiswahili pia.

:smiley: isn’t that being discriminatory against people from Nyeri?

Why don’t you state the business opportunity here openly, mbona unaficha ukitaka uonwe kando

But its them who have that saying against stories of giants

Nani huwa anatoa siri zake hadharani?

Magufool fools are not welcome on this forum enda jamii forums

Shida ni hiyo meffi inaitwa Makfool!

Unapoteza haki ya kumuita mtu kuwa yeye ni mpumbavu kama wewe mwenyewe unafanya upumbavu.

Are Kikuyus only from Nyeri coz what I know is that they come from many counties,even outside of Central

It’s alleged that they are the ones that use that phrase consistently in their conversations.