By Harrision Murbi

Here is a list of more than 24 alleged corruption scandals that have been reported under Jubilee regime


  1. KSh. 53 billion Laptop tendering rejected by court, whereabout of money already allocated by parliament unknown.

  2. KSh314.2 billion Standard Guage Tendering (shrouded inflated Chinese single sourcing).

  3. KSh475billion Irregular Lamu Coal project award (a company that did not even submit a proposal at the RFP stage).

  4. Ksh10billion GDC tendering scandal.

  5. K Sh55.6 billion JKIA New Terminal irregular tendering through KAA.

  6. GDC 60Billion failed oil drill well

  7. Chicken gate IEBC scandal kshs 50M.

  8. Weston Hotel primary school land grab.

  9. Lamu irregular land allocations revealed by post al shabaab terror attack investigations.

  10. KSh. 8billion Karen Land saga involving 40mps.

  11. Ksh38Billion medical import irregular leasing.

  12. Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

  13. Mara Narok 4.5Billion KAPS Revenue collection scandal (Ruto).

  14. 15Billion CCTV Single sourced to Safaricom.

  15. 1.3Billion irregular drug haul ship explosion.

  16. 22 Dead Sheikhs in Mombasa killed extrajudicially by Kenyan security forces (ref Al Jazeera).

  17. Kshs 100million hustlers jet.

  18. Uhuru Angloleasing kshs 3Billion payout reward.

  19. The forced digital migration and secret. PANG 10% local shareholding muscling into projected $550M revenue in advertising next year.

  20. Goodyear convicted in the USA for 1.5 Billion and 135Million bribes to senior government officials.

  21. Billions unaccounted in various ministries – Auditor General’s report.

  22. UKUTABerg scandal – Kenya – Somalia border wall.

  23. 800M NYS saga.

  24. Galana irrigation scheme scandal.

Those in the offing;

  1. Eurobond saga.

  2. Waitiki Likoni land saga.

  3. Kamlesh pattni’s shops payment saga.

Even Daniel Moi is worried about state of corruption in Kenya

Author: Dickens Kasami UPDATED: A YEAR AGO VIEWS: 40453 Category: Politics, Local News SHARE ON FACEBOOK SEND VIA EMAIL SHARE ON FACEBOOK SEND VIA EMAIL - Retired president Daniel Moi has said corruption in Kenya could go out of hand if citizens are not fully involved in fighting it. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime has been rocked with multi-million shilling scandals like loss of KSh 791 million from National Youth Service and KSh 180 million from youth fund - Kenya is ranked at position 139 out of 168 countries, according to Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Perception Index Former president Daniel Moi has expressed concerns over the state of corruption in Kenya. Moi, on Sunday, March 6, said the vice was giving President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration and the government a bad image. Read more:

[SIZE=6]Jubilee government most corrupt in Kenya’s history, claims Githongo[/SIZE]
a year ago, by Fred Kennedy

The Jubilee government is the most corrupt administration in Kenya’s history. This is according to former anti-corruption czar John Githongo.
In a television interview with NTV on Thursday, the Inuka Kenya CEO claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed to tackle corruption in the country, and that now, more than ever before, corruption is rampant.

“For the last four years, as a country we have drifted apart as far as the fight against corruption is concerned. This is by far the most corrupt government in our history in terms of procurement, tender-awarding and contracts,” Githongo said.

Sawa tuandamane

[SIZE=6]PwC ranks Kenya among highest taxed countries[/SIZE]
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2013 21:28

Kenya is among the most difficult countries for a company to pay taxes, according to a global survey by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

PwC’s Paying Taxes Report 2014 says that the average tax rate, the number of taxes and the time it takes a company in Kenya to comply — the three key measures used in the report — are all higher than the global average.

The report found that a company in Kenya on average pays a total tax rate of 44.2 per cent, slightly higher than the 43.1 per cent global average.

Firms operating locally on average have to pay 41 types of taxes against the 26.7 global average and while it takes a firm operating locally 308 hours to comply with taxes, the global average is 268 hours.

Overall, the report ranked Kenya 166 out of 189 countries in the ease of paying taxes. Kenya was position 164 in the 2013 report. Despite the low ranking, the country has made some gains on the time it takes to comply with taxes since the introduction of online VAT filing in 2009.

“Companies have reported improvements in the processing speed on the filing website, a major source of delay in the previous years. This reduced the time required to comply with VAT from 340 to 308 hours,” says the report.

Kenya also scored higher than Africa’s average.

[SIZE=5][B]NEWSTea price falls to six week low at auction[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][B]NEWSMilk supply up marginally after short rains start[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][B]NEWSCounty pension fund sets aside Sh2bn for defaults[/B][/SIZE]
The average number of taxes for Africa was, however, lower at 36.1. Regionally and among key markets, Kenya still lagged behind most countries. Rwanda was ranked 22, Uganda 98, Tanzania 141 and Burundi 143. South Africa was ranked 24 while Nigeria was number 170.

Tax scholars said that the findings add to research by bodies such as the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation which have found tax compliance in Kenya being one of the most difficult in the word.

“Kenya is always being cited among countries that are problematic,” Bosire Nyamori, a law lecturer at the University of Nairobi told the Business Daily.

Mr Bosire added that compliance is especially frustrating for foreigners who do not understand cultural practices among regulators and authorities, giving the example of failure to respond to official correspondents.

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[SIZE=6]Na muzae kwa wingi after Kamwana is gone your great great grandkids will still be paying this debt

Kenya Central Government External Debt 2000-2017 | Data | Chart[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]External Debt in Kenya increased to 2294.74 KES Billion in June from 2187.22 KES Billion in May of 2017. External Debt in Kenya averaged 720.54 KES Billion from 2000 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 2294.74 KES Billion in June of 2017 and a record low of 361.73 KES Billion in May of 2003.[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=5]Kenya’s debt hits Sh3.8 trn[/SIZE]

Treasury secretary Henry Rotich. FILE PHOTO | NMG

[SIZE=3]In Summary[/SIZE]
[li]World Bank says borrowing to finance infrastructure projects should be balanced with the dire risks of overborrowing.[/li][li]Kenya has in the past four years borrowed billions of shillings to finance mega public infrastructure, including the ongoing construction of the standard gauge railway (SGR) line, power generation and road projects.[/li][li]Kenya’s total public debt stood at Sh3.827 trillion or 51.50 per cent of GDP in December 2016, according to latest data from the Treasury.[/li][/ul]
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A rapid build-up of public debt in the past four years has put the Kenyan economy at the risk of turbulence, the World Bank warned on Wednesday, adding its voice to rising concerns over the possible impact of heavy borrowing on the country’s future.

World Bank Chief Economist for Africa, Albert Zeufack, and the bank’s Lead Economist, Punam Chuhan-Pole, said borrowing to finance infrastructure projects should be balanced with the dire risks of overborrowing.

“Any borrowing to support infrastructure projects should be done judiciously,” said Ms Chuhan-Pole when the bank presented the latest edition of Africa’s Pulse, a biannual analysis of the state of African economies.

Kenya has in the past four years borrowed billions of shillings to finance mega public infrastructure, including the ongoing construction of the standard gauge railway (SGR) line, power generation and road projects.

Recent forecasts indicate that the borrowings could soon take the debt load past 60 per cent of GDP.

Kenya’s total public debt stood at Sh3.827 trillion or 51.50 per cent of GDP in December 2016, according to latest data from the Treasury.

The World Bank’s warning comes at a time when mounting debt has dominated public discourse in Kenya and after several think tanks and experts expressed similar sentiments in recent months.

READ: Treasury pushes Kenya into more debt with fresh Sh82 billion loan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Kenya to lower her budget deficit in order to keep the debt at manageable levels.

Hapana boss chapa kazi debt is growing by the day,work hard to pay .


[SIZE=6]Treasury pushes Kenya into more debt with fresh Sh82 billion loan[/SIZE]
MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017 21:51

The Treasury has taken yet another expensive short-term loan from a group of international banks, pushing Kenya further into debt.

Reuters news agency reported that the $800 million (Sh82 billion) syndicated loan deal was signed last Thursday with a consortium of four banks including StanChart, Standard Bank, Citi and Rand Merchant Bank – and is due to be drawn any time now.

“The deal was signed last Thursday. They are now waiting for the drawdown,” Reuters quoted a source who did not wish to be named.

The terms of the loan were not immediately known and Treasury secretary Henry Rotich was yet to confirm the interest rate chargeable on the loan, its tenor, and what use it is to be put by the time of going to press.

Mr Rotich had announced plans to borrow a total of $1.46 billion (Sh150 billion) through syndicated loans to plug the budget deficit in the current fiscal year ending in June.

Kenya has lined up a Sh2.62 trillion budget to be submitted to parliament next week but expects to collect only Sh1.7 trillion in taxes, leaving the government with a yawning funding gap.

The new loan pushes Kenya’s total debt much closer to the Sh4 trillion mark.

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[SIZE=5][B]ECONOMYState cuts cooking gas cylinder price 70pc in Sh3bn plan[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][B]ECONOMYSchool laptops cash cut by half to Sh6.7 billion[/B][/SIZE]
It now means each Kenyan owes creditors about Sh90,000 and growing, based on latest population estimates.

Kenya’s total public debt stood at Sh3.827 trillion or 51.50 per cent of GDP in December 2016, according to latest data from the National Treasury.

Nairobi is also under pressure to settle a two-year $750 million syndicated loan taken in 2015, which falls due in October.

The loan, which is to be paid at an interest rate of eight per cent per annum, was taken at the height of a government cash crunch. It was arranged by Citigroup, Standard Bank and StanChart.

Mr Rotich was also yet to confirm if the new loan would be used to retire the outstanding facility.

Kenya has previously borrowed to settle a syndicated loan that was falling due.

The first use of the $2.75 billion raised through a 2014 Eurobond was partly used to retire a costly $604.5 million syndicated loan Kenya had borrowed from commercial banks in 2012.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s insatiable appetite for loans to fund infrastructure and budget deficits has seen Kenya’s public debt more than double under his reign.

Total debt stood at Sh1.894 trillion or 42 per cent of GDP in June 2013; barely two months after Mr Kenyatta assumed power.


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