alternative Middle Class living @purr_27....very long read

Middle class life…or middle class living

It doesn’t have to be as gloomy as @Purr_27 puts it…the problem with our analogy is that we want to live the middle class life of 2015 the same way it was in 1990…here is my short story…i will use point form to save you the long story since, i know you have to pretent to be productive at work…

[li]Two dudes Mwawasi and Jimmy both graduated from Uni same year at 24 (public university regular programme) and after 2 years of job hunting both got a Job at the same Government parastatal graduate entry level starting salary of 70k[/li][/ul]
[li]Mwawasi gets a one bedroon SQ in Buruburu for 10k…Jimmy get a one roomed house in Kayole 3k [/li][/ul]
[li]After one year of saving up Mwawasi moves to a 2 bedroom flat in south B for 26k…Jimmy moves to a one bedroom in kayole for 8k both join work sacco and start saving[/li][/ul]
[li]6 months later Mwawasi buys a yr 2000 "blue subaru…Jimmy put a deposit on a 1/8 plo in Ruai[/li][li]Mwawasi parties, clubs, out of town trip dates,dresses the part dates women with his extra income and enjoys life of being a single young man with a job just as he had dreamed of while in campus…Jimmy saves every penny so as to finish buying the plot and to be able to start contruction…other than watching football in the neighbouhood pub over the weekend no social life at all[/li][li]Mwawasi connects with fellow campus mates doing really well in private sector…expandes his professional circle…makes the right friends and biz relationships in business,investments and finance…starts and investment club with his friends. Jimmy joins a chama with his close tribes mates to make investments in land…[/li]
[li]3 years on both are hitting 30…Mwawasi investments portfolio is in unit trust, insurance policies,REITS and treaury bonds albeit at a small level…plus the investments in stocks and bonds with his invetment club…he has traded his blue subaru…for a Forrester…then a newish BMW 318…Jimmy stil hasnt bought a car still…the plot in Ruai is fully paid…and has started constuction…he has bought another plot in Juja and hes looking at another one in Rongai…his chama has invested in a neighbood bar and butchery…he’s started a masters course[/li]
[li]Jimmy still lives in Kayole…though its stress to get there what with the traffic and the matatus hiking fares…leaves home at 5.30am just to get to work in upper Hill in time and gets home past 9 pm everyday…Mwasasi has moved to South C to a bigger 3 bedroom apartment…only takes him 20 mins to reach work…sleeps past 7am…goes to the gym after work and sometimes swimming…usually gets home reaches home not later than 5.15 pm…almost finished some professional courses what with all the extra time[/li][li]Mwawasi is introduced to this gorgeous lady at a rugby match in KRFUE and who takes his breath away…and they start dating…the dinners, movies, trips to mara and amboseli…Diani on long weekends…shes a rookie lawyer…comes from a good family she lives in Kileleshwa.[/li][li]On a cold rainy evening while waiting for Kayole Mats…Jimmy starts a conversation with a lady at the stage and they sit together on the matatu home…and talk about all and sundry…they exchange numbers and soon start dating…nyama choma, walks in uhuru and city park…etc she works in an insurance firm in town[/li][li]Mwasasi quits the government job and joins the private sector for on a 6 figure salary…the profesional course he took really paid off…hes now an expert in his field and thanks to his circle of friends, thier advice was invaluable…Jimmy sis done with classes…struggling to finish his Thesis…his supervisor is stressing him big time “public university”[/li][li]Mwawasi moves from south C to so a Maisonette somewhere in Ngong road…Jimmy finally moves to a 2 bedroom house in Umoja to ease the pressure of getting to Kayole was hell getting home during classes… the house is almost done…bado tu roofing…he has put up some rental units as well…hes thinking of getting married [/li][li]Wedding bells…Mwawasi proposes to his girlfriend on while a romantic dinner in watamu…and after few months of engagement …with the help of friends and family…they have a dream wedding and honeymoon in sychelles and Thailand. Jimmy convinces his girlfirend to come and live in…and after a few months they go meet their parents pays part dowry and they have a traditional wedding.[/li][li]With their combined income the Mwawasis rent a bigger house in Kilimani (130K)…settle down and have two children all born at aga khan…the Jimmies finally move to their house in Ruai settle down and have 3 kids born in Kenyatta Hospital and Nairobi Womens…which is ready except for a litle finishes here and there…[/li][li]The Jimmmies finally buy a Toyota Fielder…to ease on the commute…the kids start to go to neighbouring primary school…to cut on expenses oh hiting a house help the wife quits her job to take care of the kids ,and starts a small neighbood shop to supplement the income. Ruia is really far and Jimmy always gets home past 10 and rarely spends time with the kids. weekends are spents inspecting his building projects in Rongai and Juja…he is planning on moving the family to the new house in Rongai by the end of the year…There are no good schools around and they have decided to take the kids to boarding school even though they are still in primary[/li][li]The Mwawasi’s have 3 cars…the kids go nearby good private schools …the dad drops the in the morn and the mum pick them up in the evening. He’s home by 7 everyday to spend time with the kids…after years of partying hes finally settling down into family life…weekends are spent on family outings…and travelling holidays at least 3 times a year[/li][li]The mwawasi’s First born son who does his standard 8 in makini school passes with well and get a coveted spot in Alliance…their daughter is still at LCVR Msongari…The Jimmies first born too passes well in std 8 in his boarding schol and he is too admited to allainace[/li][li]Well lts visiting day at Allaince…both set of families come to visit…the Mwawasis with their German cars all dressed up…Mr Mwawasi doesnt really look his 40 plus years…the gym and swimming has really done him good and the wife…hmmmm d…the Jimmies with their Fielder…Mr Jimmy look really older and tired…with a pot bell and bags under his blood eyes…[/li][/ul]
and they meet for the first time in many years…Their two kids dont know each other…its like they are from different planets…one from Rongai and the other from Lavington…they have nothing in common other than being in the same school…anyway

Anyway given the two life scenarios which one would you choose…to live the modern middle class or live the middle class your folkd lived in 1980…the kind class and standards you set for yourself will ultimately lead to your career progression, the wife you marry, the friends and pals you will meet, and the investment decisions you will make

C’mon middle class life aint so bad after all its how you live it…well if you dont live the middle class life then thats what you will get

Considering none of them will live to see past their 5oth birthday…who among the two has lived his life to the fullest…enjoyed it when it was to be enjoyed…made the most risky decisions and investments that have come to mature in a big way…which life would you rather live…whose son will have an advantage in life ahead


please summerise this…ama uandike conclusion, even better, chora picha tuelewe

hehehehehe, too scripted to be real.
I still want to be the Jimmies.

So are you a guy …:oops::oops:,

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Jimmy was wiser and Mwawasi luckier. I would still choose Jimmy’s.

I saw stuff like this in

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Nice perspective @msalame grace …however life doesn’t play as perfect as Mwasasi


why dont tehy get to see 50…? i thought i was the only one who noticed how men died young these days

You give one guy all the breaks he could possibly get and we all know those who get those are isolated cases. For the majority of time, it is Jimmy who finishes first because he had no appetite for big risks.
Have a talk with any Personal Finance technician and they’ll tell you what I’m saying.

Putting the world on your shoulders is not an easy feat. Stress kills

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Hindsight is always 20/20.



That a nice analogy.

Yeah it’s copied from somewhere…nikikumbuka nitapeana credits

The problem is that most of you guys want to live the way your dads lived…make the same investments they did…think the same way they did…

The mwawasis are living in a RENTED house…Hakuna mortage anywhere…no plans of building had they chose to build pia hao wangekuwa huko Mwiki…wakifika home late…never getting to spend time with the children…etc

the guy who marries a rich bitch is one in a million.
the kayole guy are in their hordes

thats the summary

Yap you all want the safest way…the path most followed