Alpha Male Lesson IV: My Open Letter to the Middle Aged Female

Greetings. I decided to post an open letter that I’ve penned to the middle aged women out there. This place is a good place to post this because I know that it won’t be taken down. The text is in bold below.

This is to you, the middle-aged woman. I see you, even though you’ve never really seen me. To be more specific I’ve seen hundreds of women just like you. And every one of them, including you, looked past me for decades starting from the time that all of you were young. Why? Well I’ve heard what you say are the reasons why. Things like, “I’m just too busy” and “I’ve got goal that take up my time right now.” But we both know what that really was, a way to let me down gently. You really meant that I was too boring. I didn’t have that sense of excitement that made your heart flutter. My clothes weren’t expensive enough to make your friends jealous. So, you chased “him” for years. Who is “he”? Who knows. You surely don’t, that’s for sure. Every time you said that it was going to be different and then followed it up with “what was I thinking?” Then you complain and say things like, “Where have all of the good men gone?” and “Why haven’t I gotten married yet?”

You’re the same as a drug addict. To be more specific you are an emotion junkie. That is until now. You’ve got the road rash to show where you’ve been and that doesn’t go away. Your odometer can’t be tampered with anymore. That hourglass figure you had changed into something that resembles a bowling ball. You’re constantly changing over processed hair is a dead giveaway that you’re miserable and insecure. The several tragic bi racial babies whose paternity you don’t even know take up all of the government money you get doled out every month. Along with that you cake on the make-up to hide the wrinkles and you shove your profuse amount of flesh into yoga pants made for someone half your size and half your age. You can’t cover the faded tattoos any more either. They are like advertisements for the dysfunction and trash that you are. Possibly red flags if you want to label then m as such.

Sometime we pass by each other and I just chuckle. Why would I want leftovers? You never wanted me then so why would I want you now? Here’s the thing, you’re miserable. All of the feminist platitudes that you believed in and repeated to yourself have been replaced by psychotropic drugs to calm the emotional pain. Oh, and that emotional pain is very real for you. But I digress. You see you underestimated the internet and men in general. I’ve compared notes with all of those other men that you call “basement dwellers.” Guess what? It has in fact, always been you. So, I’m good without you, and I was good before too. But I’ve learned to be my own person, something that you’re incapable of doing. I laugh at the sad clown that you’ve become. To add to that, I’m an adult and you are a child and will remain so perpetually. That’s why you call yourself a “girl” at age 40 instead of a “woman.” I don’t expect for you to remember any of this, in fact I expect for you to get angry and dismiss all of this with some kind of vapid feminist buzz word(s). Try and remember this one thing though. I am a man who has reclaimed his own sovereignty. That is way more valuable than your shaming language, and so much more valuable than your lady part ever was. So, good-bye from your invisible friend. I would wish you well, but you’ll need much more than that.

Enjoy gentlemen.

:stuck_out_tongue: Guys stay the fuck away from a 40 year old woman. Stay the fuck away! Unakuliwa kichwa na mwanamke wa 40yrs? Hiyo maneno yote unachora hapo ni juu ya cucu? Mwanamke akikulenga mara ya kwanza unasahau tu hiyo maneno. Ofkoz akirudi baadaye unajua tu kuna agenda.




Wewe na @kanyoka @Gio @denis young @M2Random
Are young, dumb and broke online wannabes.
You lost the street creed

Hata sitaki ku imagine ile jibu @TrumanCapote anaweza weka hapa. Lol

Kama alfa mail halipi deni ya China sina time ya kujibu ama hata kusoma nitasoma mwanaume anashinda akitusi wanawake juu hana kazi ya kufanya ama ni Kilimani mums nitasoma- let the idiot offload stress za bet kublow,I have no time for people who are of no consequence. Ive not even seen the said letter, must be posted by someone Ive blocked. Anyway, mtu kama hakulishi na hakuvishi munabishana kwa nini? Has a middle aged female come to your gate to ask you to feed or clothe her? So chuki ni ya nini? Barua ni za nini? Si u r an alfa mail. Alfa Mail should be enjoying his alfaness not writing bitter letters to middle aged females. Have you ever seen a wealthy person writing a letter to a poor person, to gloat ? If you are trully happy Mr. Alfa Mail, you will not keep talking shit of middle aged females, happy people have no time to gloat . Thats for frustrated,bitter people and people living lives of quiet desperation. Your life sucks so misery loves company ,go out and make someone else miserable by talking shit about them s that you can feel better about urself -how pathetic is that?. A man who keeps himself occupied with women especially talking ill of them can not be happy. Hapiness and hate can not coexist. The opposite of love isnt hate,its indifference said Elie Wiesel- a holocaust survivor and Pulitzer Prize WInner (he should know). If you have the time to write alpha mails to middle aged females, you are not indifferent, you are just bitter and unhappy with your own life. Like @Karoga na the red peels and gays going their own way group. How can you say you are going your own way when anything hateful and spiteful to do with women you are the first one there. If you are doing soooo well why should women and what theyre doing or not doing bother you? Its because the only power you have is when you put a woman down, if there are no women to put down, you go back to being what you are which is nothing. Women are this,that and the other and I am not so I am better. Surely define your self worth without disparaging others. If those ‘lesser’ others werent there for you to feel superior to who would you be? Nothing! Meanwhile these men who say women do nothing some have never had jobs,never suceeded in anything theyve done, never had a sucessful business and their own blood sisters are doctors,hold high positions in blue chip companies , are very sucessful leaders and CEOs .Sasa unashindwa red peels and Gays Going their own way tell me women are inferior why is it that in my family where I am the only man out of ten women theyre all sucessful and I am not. Si I am supposed to be superior? Hata Biblia husema, God resists the proud, so if you are looking down on women as a man dont be surprised when everything you touch turns to ashes.Its God resisting you, for looking down at women.


mbona uliiba identity ya wenyewe?

Self actualization ,internal validation ,and achieving your purpose, ALPHA MALE S we are about ourselves , going your own way is anti relationship, straight or otherwise,women are last thing in our schedule of things I indulge you to visit and educate yourself on what mgtow means ,stop spreading your hateful propaganda about mgtow.

Lol… You miserable fuck.

Who really wrote this? Hii part ndio imekuuza.

Copy pasters huwa ni gamma males.

Hiyo statement tuweke “Men” badala ya “Women” halafu you cant find anything that defines Tru-woman Kapondi better.

Going one’s own way should mean exactly that. That one nobody can deny.

@uhondo you refused to imagine. She @TrumanCapote obliged you…

She @TrumanCapote obliged you…

In an uncharacteristic way

How are you going your own way when 24hours can not elapse without you talking about women. Even if its talking shit,its still talking about them and thinking about them. You may have gone your own way physically but where it matters the most which is in your mind and spirit you are still obsessed with women. Obsession is obsession. even if its a negative obsession. Lemme tell you what, the real people who went their own way, their actions speak for them they dont need to keep reminding people that theyve gone their own way or keep justifying why theyre going their own way. They just do it.This is why I know this your entire movement/cult is as fake as a dollar bill. Yall dont wanna leave women alone yall just wanna take out your personal frustrations on women. Theyre just a punching bag . Anyway do you boo.