Alph Lukau

I like his Chrysler tho, if watu wa sports pesa ,sabena joy and Keroche shouldnt live better than people of God, I believe in a God who blessed Abraham , Joseph,Isaac, Job but this guy is taking it to anatha level jameni.

"watu wa sports pesa ,sabena joy and Keroche shouldnt live better than people of God," who told u this are not people of GOD, senji, desist from judging enyone since you are not able to see your filth, All were made in the image of GOD including Sabina Joy women who help a lot of men release stress, reduce rapping and decrease pedophiles around our environs. [SIZE=3]just found out you really love earthly things an u know how that goes with entering the kingdom[/SIZE]

Theyre not, they cause spread of HIV, suicides, they cause accidents caused by drunkeness, they break families. Not only are they not people of God senji. THEYRE HIGH PRIESTS OF SATAN WITH VVIP SEATS IN HELL K? All these places are demonic altars, satanic temples kama ile ya Free Mason only that people in Free Mason attend service couple a times a week, the rest is a 24’7 devil worship operation/temple. Who told you that prostitution reduces pedophilia? Thats the narrative people who cant think are sold, India has the highest number of brothels in the world, its also leading in rape and pedophilia. Lust is a demon, its like a fire , the more you feed it, the more it wants, people who rape children are not deprived of sex, theyre married, they visit prostitutes and masturbate to porn. So whoever gave you that narrative isnt someone who looks at facts and numbers. Just a sensationalist. Anyway, anybody who visits prostitute isnt exactly a paragon of wisdom or even rationality so theyll buy woteva you tell them to justify their sordid debauchery of a life. If prostitution is sooo virtuous and good why do men , hate and despise and demean and abuse prostitutes? Why dont they respect them how people respect pastors? Since theyre all people of God?

I hate this shit arguments so so much that, if I ever have this argument in person with someone , I will throw something at them because how can an adult who went to school reason like this, for the love of whatever they hold sacred? Something is seriously wrong with men of this generation.But I will try to be civil .

  1. Say men went to a place where there are no commercial sex workers, like jail, like the army,like some place with no women , not even those they can rape. What happens? Do they then rape each other because men are these animals who if they dont get someplace to release stress, somebody will get raped, MEN ARE JUST BEASTS LIKE THAT???!!! So there are no women to release the stress ,only men -so they become homosexuals ofcourse rapist homosexuals??? What about if there are no humans only animals. Do they turn to beastility? Ofcourse we know men do rape not just women,they rape kids,they rape animals and even other men. But I always want to believe this is just a minority who are animals. But what you’re tryna tell me Sir, is that not just you are like this , but all men are like this and I am like how? Men are humans who have the capacity for self control and for doing the right thing , by not rationalizating abusive behaviour -ANIMALISTIC/BEASTLY BEHAVIOUR as just being a man or all men are like that. Dont comfort yourself, if you wanna reason like a wild beast , its on you, that is YOU ,dont mansplain it.

  2. Do you know who pedophiles are? The worst thing is how ignorant you are. What you are implying that adult prostitution and child prostitution are suitable substitutes. Does you really think that pedophiles(infants and children below 11) and hebephiles (people with sexual interest in pubescent individuals approximately 11–14 years old) would become teleiophiles (people with a sexual interest in adults) if only they could get a sex with an adult prostitute?

The market for child sex slaves exists precisely because sex with an adult is not considered an adequate substitute for those with a sexual attraction to children. Adult prostitution has no impact on child sexual exploitation. If anything, countries in Europe that have legalized prostitution have found that it has not reduced crime or improved the social conditions of prostitutes. The main impact that it has had is to aid human sex traffickers in exploiting women and children.

And because I never want you to ever in your life, speak flippantly about the sexual abuse of children , I want you to watch this and realise just how sick pedophiles are, theyre not thirsty people , theyre sick and theyre possessed by demons. And anybody who can defend pedophiles , ati they rape children because they cant get sex is … I dont even have a word for it. All ama ask you is, is this how low you as a man have sunk that you can justify rape of women ,rape of children to lack of sex. Is this the image of God in a man? Or purely El Diablo? Amigo you need to check yourself because it all starts in the mind. Then you do it. When you entertain such demonic,satanic thoughts, you’re not very far from becoming a rapist and a child molester yourself. Watch this…When I tell you people who sell drugs/alcohol and pimps are the throne pall bearers of Satan, I am not using hyperbole.

we were made beasts, do you know what happened when the RED ARMY entered Germany, You speak of the Army, do you know how many cases of rape or sex misconduct occur within them, u speak like you know everything but YOU KNOW NOTHING, most of what you know is research writen by lazy slobs and dolts who dont step in the field, with me i give u raw reality and truth because i have been among beasts an people dont put on the beast mode because they like it, at times its the situation n surrounding

Thats very interesting. Mr.Beast. Well I know that even when it means risking their life , there are people who do the right thing , speaking of Germany, have you researched how many risked their lives to help Jews during the Holocaust? Do you know that all those SS guys had wives and children and theyd go home after a day of killing and play with their kids and make love tenderly to their wives? Nobody made anybody a beast. People just accept it the way you have accepted it. In Psychology theres the ideal self and the self concept. God is created in God’s image in that whatever he decides in his mind and soul to be , he will become. When you want to debase men that theyre beasts and theyre not capable of any good you give yourself a very low ideal self. I am a man so if I need sex, I must have it,if not I go rape a woman, or a child, or anatha man or an animal. And as a man thinketh so is he. Thats why two men can come from the exact same family and be polar opposites. Its because of the self concept they individually accepted. The one who told himself that those who are doing well,who live right are not two headed when I have one head will live up to that. As a researcher myself, I dont buy into stereotypes, woteva I know or dont know, I wanna understand things, even this bone marrow transplant HIV resistant thing its very fascinating to me. So I tend to know alot of stuff most people dont because people want spoonfeeding,gimme instant solutions, I dont wanna think for myself, I dont wanna find out for myself about different things not just how to manipulate women and sleep around like most most men here. I mean there is so much you can learn about in this world - personally I am always in a state of fascination by the things I learn everyday. I know alot that you dont know. Not everything because I cant get enuff of knowledge. I love it. When I am with an artist,we talk art and when I am with a doctor we talk medicine and when I am with a mechanic we talk cars and I enjoy it. Learning. Anyway, watch this documentary and see where it fits into your worldview. I am not in the mood to throw barbs.I just won a lucrative something something so niko na furaha. Staki kubishana over some shit that isnt putting cash in ma pocket. Look for a documentary called its a hard truth aint it. Its made by some very beastly men. It’ll give you something ta think about. Life is not about what you know or dont know its about how to expand your thinking. How to open and broaden your mind. Anybody who did anything spectacular in this world was never a herd animal, it was always those people who thought outside, outside means deviate . Anyway kwa hayo mengi I got work to do. Kaafte ka kubambe.

You youngins have no idea what you missed. This was when music was music.