Almost broke my promise

As some of you know I stopped ploughing kungurus but still I find myself asking questions about them, the thirst still lingers. Today I was in tao and saw a kunguru I used to nail in sabina joy. My work clothes saved me. I think I’ll stay away from that infamous side walk when I find myself in town for some reason. Maybe we’re addicts to some extent. We probably need help.

Humping malanyes is a serious sick addiction. And unlike alcohol and drugs where you will die by yourself, sex addiction means you can die with others such as your wife and leave orphan kids behind.

Unafanya job gani?

Kwani ulikua umevaa overall imeJaa oil na silicon?


Can you please tell us on how to stop this habit?

how now

By restraining yourself and getting a normal pedestrian woman. Not all men hump lanyes.

By infecting your wife with various strains of stds na anakaa bila kujua because hana habari about your double life. Besides some self respect goes a v long way. How on this earth do you make it a habit of dipping your ‘thingie’ somewhere you know 1 million others have been? how? I don’t gerrit.

Kuacha kudinya lanyes ni hard sana, mimi niliamua wacha fate itake over

just cumming and going back to your business bana , no big deal about it. and we use condom so wives are safe

He’s a soldier. Amazing how you guys haven’t pieced it together from all his comments.

Big deal! else if it was not…then share your experiences with your loyal wives tuone fireworks. No contraceptive is 100 percent legit so rule out the condoms dude.

been condomizing for the past 10 years. no disease, no pregnancy

I gerrit, U gerrit , We all gerrit. Gerrit now…

Ni waiter kwa kahoteli kengine next to sj building… Uniform Ni ile ya black and white na ka bow tie… :smiley: Hapo angemwaga unga na mboga alale njaa

Oraight. You did not address the effect of putting ‘it’ everywhere. Don’t you drive home feeling so wretched?

Heheee :smiley: