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[SIZE=6]Jubilee had printed fake ballot papers in Industrial area ahead of repeat polls - Raila[/SIZE]
NASA leader Raila Odinga now claims that Jubilee Party has already printed fake ballot papers at a godown in Industrial Area ahead of the repeat polls on Oct…

Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday morning said that Kenyans who contributed to his campaign kitty through the 991444 pay bill number will not be refunded.
Mr Odinga, speaking on Radio Jambo on Wednesday, explained that most of the money contributed had already been used.
“The money was being used as it came in. We are not a bank to keep the money. We asked Kenyans of goodwill to contribute and they did and we spent it on our activities,” said the Nasa leader.

mavi yeye

Huyu mzee ana mambo

Kazi ni kutematema kama kikohozi bila evidence then his supporters come here with the same argument bila facts/evidence. Nkt…nao wanatematema matusi yet they can’t back what they’re saying other than Baba said it and he is the Bible. Now if he was really that patriot, wouldn’t he present evidence and try to prevent an injustice?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Why complain of a problem when you have solutions?

Hakuna mtu anaeza muuliza for mbicha, sketch or thermal image of fake ballots being printed as effidens?

@Gio come for your answers

Accountability, we sure that they spent as they did? At least Boniface Mwangi accounted for the monies raised publicly

Hahahahahaha, ati RAO accountable. Tangu lini?

@ScotlandYard kuja mbio umtetee

This man will be on Uhuruto , like a flea.

Kungoja raila alete evidence nikama kungoja @pamba alete hekaya.:D:p

Acha kunitag kwa ujinga nanii.