All religions are false except the one you follow.!

All religions are almost similar because their basis are faith without needing any proof.But still a person becomes dumb enough to believe that his\her religion is better than the rest.
A Christian becomes indoctrinated to believe that he and the people who follow Christianity will go to an imaginary place called heaven and all the rest will go to hell.without considering that for instance if he was born in a muslim family he would as well be a devoted muslim.

The obvious explanation is that all religion’s narratives are myths because a person sees the illogical assertions of other religions\myths but cannot see the flaws of his own.

very controversial and dangerous topic

of course but the reality remains

The only thing religions agree on is the devil/hell…no one comes out to say that theirs is the true devil/hell.

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Organized religion is crime

All religions are stupid answers to stupid questions

I don’t blame religion, I blame the gullible followers

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Christianity is the True, religion because the Christ is the only God out of the 10,000+ distinct religions, to rise from the dead. it’s proven historically that, He existed, was crucified and rose from the dead. Wacha hii siasa mingi yako

Okoka kijana uwachane na panganga za kishetani.

Jesus = Horus

Just believe on supernatural power or force hizo zingine ni hekaya

I believe in Harry Potter