All Of A Sudden Swimming In Money. Ksh 80K Sneakers & Ksh 2 Million Watches

Kipchumba Murkomen is a man of means, and previously pegged his wealth at KSh 550 million during vetting as CS Months into office, his wealth was on full display as he was spotted with a luxury timepiece The politician’s Hublot watch with matte black finish is worth an eye-popping KSh 1.6 million


It seems the criticism did nothing to change Murkomen’s ways, as he’s been spotted wearing Philipp Plein sneakers. Known as the phantom kicks, a white version of the shoes costs KSh 84,000 while a black version goes for KSh 96,000. Hence, Murkomen averagely paid over KSh 80,000 for the shoes made in Germany.


Bado anakaa tu fala

All Kenyans are capable of stealing but kalejingas steal at satanic levels. Sisi wenye tulikapitia time ya Nyayo tunatizama tuu. Those guys wanaiba mpaka mifupa. Show me a Kikuyu or luhya who has ever looted a parastatal to the ground and I will show you a unicorn.

:D:D amepiga luku na imemkataa.

Bado anakaa hii outfit.


Kama ule lawyer Donald Kipkorir pia, guy is swimming in millions but hunikalia tu fala fulani.

Ahmednasir ndio is oozing class, and they all came from poor backgrounds. Wakale hawasaidiki upande ya swag :D:D:D

You know money can’t buy class.

Gachagua is another billionaire thief who munches food like a wild pig and speaks like a broken sewer.

Due to their cultural practices associated with cattle raids, stealing is politely termed as taking away for safe keeping.

This fvcker’s office furniture was upgraded at a cost of Ksh 16 Million. Leather Sofas, Desks, Swivel chair, file cabinets, curtains and sh!t. That sh!t maybe cost Ksh 2.4 Million max, the rest? Pocketed and all invoiced to Wanjiku.

Kipmeno ata avae Versace ni Kipmeno

:D:D:D:D Gachietha ni meffi tu iko na meno za brown and he looks and dresses like a clown in a circus.

Gucci underwear maestro.

Am sure huyu jamaa pale port anapata cut yake kila siku. KPLC, Kenya Pipeline, SGR zote wameziteka. Kenya will be like Malawi by the time they are done.

Io luku iko juu hata kaa mzae bado ankaa mshamba. Time yako ikifika chapa luku yako … io ingine ni kelele za chura tu.

Huyu ndio immidiately after being appointed to CS akaanza kuenda London kila weekend kuwatch EPL

Old Trafford VIP stand.
Walisema hatutafika mbali,
Hapa ni wapi.
Hapa ni wapi
Hapa ni wapi


Hapa ametrurepresent watu wa Timù Ni njegaa!
I support.

Bland Mullah is cultured buana. I love him for that.

Sasa shida iko wapi mwanaume akitumia pesa yake? His own salary hata bila marupurupu can afford him a new 96k sneaker every month. That trouser is probably a Territory Pant. Nice stuff. Watu watafute pesa scarcity mentality ipungue.

Hii luku ni kali, for his age

Many niggas I know wako na $ to afford the expensive outfits don’t dress “nicely” as one would expect. Maybe the fancy clothes ain’t a biggie for them.