All forward thinking Africans must support the reintroduction of Apartheid in Seoth Efrica

The South African bonobo is a special kind of stupid. I don’t know if they suffer collective trauma from all those decades of being whipped by Boers, but these guys have a shocking propensity for violence. What’s worse is that they don’t learn anything about the rest of Africa in their schools, so they have absolutely no idea or choose to ignore the assistance various countries offered them in the struggle for independence. A South African will punish random foreigners for having the nerve to be more successful than them. This country is similar to DRC in that it has massive mineral resources. Why then is it light years ahead of Congo? You’re right, the white man takes 100% of the credit.

What I find amusing is that South African blacks keep whining about the injustice they suffered during Apartheid, but enjoy bragging about how their country is ahead in Africa, even though their contribution to that development was negligible. Folks, I predict that by 2040 white South Africans will regain control of the country and expel these foolish, brainless nyeuthis back to their bantustans. When that happens, other African countries must foster greater diplomatic and trade links with the stable white-controlled regime. These ghaseers have proved to be useless and ungrateful with their persistent xenophobia.

Ndindu tunajua handwriting yako.

Sponyo? Mwafrika ni mwafrika, ile chuki iko kwa genes za mwafrika isa special one. Anyway kuna to kitu ufanyaki that force bonobos to behave in a similar way, nimeona umesema DRC na haujakumbuka 2022 Kenyans will behave the same. Musiseme nimechoma takataka kwa shamba

Hamba wena wantompha xana

Ntombile khumalo.

All bonobos need serious occasional whipping to remove stupidity.

South African manispaa built toilets without walls. bonobo ni bonobo.

blame poverty , they cant go confront boers for obvious reasons…

why is this funny & tragic at the same time…

You should watch SA parliamentary sessions! Drama! The Bleck leaders are simply dumb fucks; they’re childish, irrational, and outright stupid. Let’s not go into how much they’ve looted from their fellow black South African and mismanaged the economy, from the federal level to mashinani. All they know is steal, build a mansion, buy gaudy clothes, drink expensive alcohol, and accumulate hoes…

the system we had got disintegrated…ask how it broke down and you’ll see why our society is the way it is…this isnt our form of life,politics, religion, names,education , hii tuliletewa …anzia hapo…

Who’s the we you’re talking about? Each African tribe had a unique way of life, there is nothing like African culture; that’s bullshit that’s believed by undereducated fools. And nothing is stopping s from embracing the best aspects of our cultures, like ensuring everyone in society is well taken care of…

I have been following your posts for some time and you appear to be the proudest wakandan and biggest bonobo sympathiser on this forum

Your kind of stupid is special

Not just that…

The reintroduction of colonialism in subsaharan Africa is essential.

Otherwise, we will continue wasting money to their supposed aid

you clearly know what i mean by we…na ume explain

Somalia should be fenced off waachiwe bahari pekee yake Yule anaweza swim aende Uarabuni. Wamesumbua sana

How different is that from our leaders especially your beloved ruto?

All they need to do is give the nation to those EFF madmen and their transformation to Zimbabwe will be complete