All diesel cars

What’s going on with the diesel being used today? From lorries to Matatus to brand new 4 x4, all diesel powered vehicles are lowing black smoke…even the poor air quality is a testament to this…

To our esteemed village billionaires with diesel gasslers …kuna maoni?

Shida ya engine rings

burning oil. poor maintenance. but you should expect a little smoke from diesel because the fuel is more like oil. in fact, if the engine fails it sometimes can run away and supply itself with sump oil as fuel and destroy itself due to unregulated rev.

Haiya,hata wewe unakuwanga makanika ama?

Poor maintenance, diesel cars are very good slaves but very ugly master’s…Kenyans prefer repairing cars not maintaining cars/ peculiar kenyan habits

I’m convinced there’s something extra sinister going on with the diesel though…how do you explain the increase in black smoke? Is it that people can’t afford to bow maintain the cars or what?

poor government regulations… import a diesel car from Europe fitted with latest technology to curb emissions but first thing you do EGR and DPF delete… use poor diesel… for lorries with euro 4 and above engines you do an ad blue delete… the results are more powerful engines but with a shorter lifespan and of course blowing more smoke in the air…

Fuel in Kenya is never really pure. It gets dirtier depending on how many middle men handle it before it gets to you.

hehe I know someone with a beemer 535d that lasted less than a year huku saa hii iko tu inalea insects na cobwebs


older diesel engines, before common rail, could run on used cooking oil… the new ones are very sensitive to fuel quality

Adulterated diesel with mafuta taa.

hapana yake I think its petrol

If you value high reliability, minimal maintenance and a car that doesnt smell of diesel then go petrol in a salon car. Also, the diesel we use here isnt as pure as what they use in the west and diesel engines are quite sensitive to the quality of the stuff.

Most engines are calibrated to run on the grade of diesel they use uko in the west

N57 motor apana mucheso if not maintained properly, N55 anyday ,pole kwake

Never, am still going strong. Not even dues for service one year later :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with diesel car and these rumours about unclean diesels are hogwash. There is no difference between a small engine and a truck engine except the size of pistons. Our busses run on diesel all their life. But then again when direct fuel injection came there were similar lies…

It’s called Diesel Engine Runaway