Today as we Beautificate Sis. Irene Nyaatha Stefani Aurelia Mercede, we need to be in worship mood. lets sing:

Ithui Tutari Hinya, Turi Ahuthu,
Hinya Witu Niwe Kiristu…

Kiristu Mwihoko Witu Nitwaguthaitha,
Utuhe Hinya Wa Gukwihoka
Na Gukumenyaga, Hindi Ciothe Riria Turi Guku Thi,
Hinya Witu Niwe Kiristu

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Its a honor , having someone being called blessed through her humility and selflessness

Thinking about her big vision and her dedication to all that she did tells us that those early guys planned their lives properly. Yaani Nyaatha knew what she wanted in life, went ahead and became that. na saa hii you get someone in their mid thirties is still not sure of what they want in life.

this is good news for business in nyeri…ni hayo tu

the Inquisition; what was that all about from a religion that is now condemning Islam for extremism and radicalization?

@gashwin wacha kuharibu beautification, inquisition was happening long ago.

It’s beatify not beautify. Two different words niggao_O

@Electronics4u i hyadn’t noticed. but you agree Nyaatha is just the one, no?

what if a kikuyu woman had decided to go to Italy to help the natives there when they had the plague angekuwa" beautified"?


What is this charade all about. Never understood Catholics and their weirdness.

will sometimes in future someone in a world caliphate tell another “wacha kuharibu, Islamic terrorism happened a loong time ago”?

Love the song…Is it on Youtube! I might me be wrong but I think it’s… Ithui Tutari NAWE. Turi Ahuthu,

@Female Perspective you are right. @gashwin all am saying is lets at least forget our worries for today and be happy. Kesho we can worry about the caliphate and yumbis.

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No disrespect to Catholics…but the Catholic Church has a dark history…very dark.

hizo miracles wao huitisha huwa uwongo tupu!

History mob ya christianity, en the catholic church differs in context.

Catholic… one big religious cult.