Alkoholiqs ,what made you start drinking? How long have you been drinking/how often do you drink? Those who stopped/intend to stop, what informed your decision? Let’s talk, Talkers.

Friends, wanted to connect and spend the weekend away drinking and shouting. 8 years of drinking. Job trips became very exciting. The effect sleeping with many gels. Drank a to of Jeggemeifa and was sick for three days. That was my last drink. Unless nikunywe muratina sasa

What made me start drinking?Peer pressure I guess,kwanza in campus.Got out of campo,got a job and realized that alcohol is what oils social events.Been drinking for almost 10years.I toned down when I did an analysis of how much I have been drinking everyday,per weekend and per month and the figure was mind boggling.Also realized I had very many friends who are very eager to show up at the local.They will buy you one kuchokoza you expecting you to throw several rounds.Many drinking buddies are just users.Then nikaanzisha family.There is a way that family sobers you up.Need to save up for kid’s education and other expenses makes you look at life and your expenses differently.With this in mind I greatly reduced drinking to an occasional beer or two once per month.I lost many friends but I reckoned I didnt need them anyway since sio ati wananisaidia sana apart from kuchapa story kwa local.
Also realized that alcoholism comes with related expenses eg ku order food etc.Hakuna food expe kama yenye una order kwa bar.A kilo of beef choma pale kamakis in eastern bypass is a cool ksh1200 bob.Halafu kurushia wasee round is a total waste of money.Unapata mse anabuy round for everyone,which you didnt ask for by the way.Tunakunywa inaisha,then coz uko na kiu, you have to buy another beer but you cant buy yours alone coz ulishakunywa round ya mtu.Awkward silence follows the moment you buy your beer only.Hizo ndio upuzi zilini bore.
Of course it’s also way healthier to be a moderate drinker than to be an alcoholic.Drinking alcohol is not bad,but keep tabs on your expenses,be keen on how much you spend,be keen on pals who use you kwanza wakishajua unakuanga mse wakubuy ma round na mamzinga unaingishwa kwa ma whatsapp groups za kishenzi.Do not entertain that nonesense,toka hizo whatsapp groups zote.Watu wakikutana local by accident,sawa,if not,sawa pia.

Drinking? I still drink busaa and chang’aa nikirudi mushadha.

I support you fully,the moment you add up expenses on alcohol,you realize how much you have wasted over time,one sobers up.Pande ya marafiki wanakutumia vibaya sana.

Busaa is recommended,cham nayo zii.

I drink for leasure. Hii kukunywa every time uko na stress ndio shida huanza

Kuna Cham legit bro, ile imetolewa na maji nane, whisky weka kando, 150/= na uko lit mbaya

Pombe haina shida ,wanaokunywa ndio hawajui kikomo, no different from drug users,gamblers na wakilwaji na bibi hawajui ka kimenuka

Hope sio ya nairobi ama kiambusburry. That one makes people go blind.

Peer pressure. In form three I tasted tusker courtesy of my classmates and could only manage a half a bottle. Slowly but surely, I went to pilsner before graduating to guinness. I stopped drinking when guinness started failing to cause any meaningful “high” regardless of how many bottles I took, and the other brands were just like drinking water. Today, once in a while I take a whole mzinga of wine and walk away feeling nothing.

This one is from Ugenya where James Orengo comes from

I feel I am about to lose a “friend” because of beer. I have always been a moderate drinker. I used to link up with this friend and his wife on Fridays after work for a drink. Both used to drink heavily but I discovered with time that I used to shoulder like 90percent of the bill. This happened over many years. Recently he came to visit me in shags where I relocated to after resigning from job. We ended up at my local and since everyone is a friend at the local they really bought him booze. He had parked his spanking prado outside the pub. Towards the end of the evening I had a look at his bill, it was about 500/= while almost everyone else had bills of 2k plus. I forced him to buy at least one round but that opened my eyes. Nikamtema there there. Nowadays am forcing myself to be mean like these cunts.

Curiosity and peer pressure led me to start quite early as a teen and this led to about 10 years of drinking. Luckily, and thanks to responsibilities on my hands, I was able to tone down to very occasional drinking at the expense of losing many phoney friends. It was a tough decision but well worth it.

An attempt to look cool at a bash and a rave my first time going out while in seco form 1…worst decision ever…ndio nilijua .ke cane and ginis si supu ya matumbo. Got back home bila authentic timbalands and a leather wallet gifted by a rela from diaspora…felt real dumb they were brand new…worn for the 1st time.
Still messed around with alcohol throughout seco though.
After form just had a sit down with myself and substituted alcohol with women and ive never looked back…im almost done with women pia…kuna dame tu moja on my radar ame baki.
Very very very very light drinker almost 2 3 bottles a month but huwezi kosa ka chupa ka amarula giniss 2 3 na ma smirnoff ice 2 3 kwa fridge.

Ata sijui when I started but the first time I drank really well was some birthday party where the alcohol was free. Nikajiabisha. I used to drink cause at that age all matter of happiness involved alcohol. Juu Friday ikifika lazima form itokee. Kwanza Keg nilikunywa sana hapo Ngara tulikuwa tunatoka class tunapitia cups mbili au tatu alafu unakula cheap food. I started working early than my peers but nilikuwa mwoga wa kurudi msoto. So I’d drink Keg and makonyagi and other cheap liquor. This made me an addict juu tungeingia Keg na nispend ata 500 to 800 but siskii uchungu cause naona ni pesa ndogo but in real sense I’m consuming a lot of liquor. I reduced when I realized hao friends were not friends and we’d shoulder 90% of the Bill’s almost all the time maboy wawili from a group of almost 9 including girls. After campus nikaona I need to move on in my life. Nikaanza Kununua whiskey started from Jameson nikapanda mosmos. Nowadays I buy good whiskey na wine for the mrs. Nakunywa mosmos whenever I’m stressed or kuboeka. But heri kubuy good whiskey at 4k or even 6k and enjoy it. Than kukunywa konyagi 4 at 2500 which makes you an addict and adversely affects your health, productivity and even relationships with family.

I’ve decided to go back to working out after 5 years of wasting my life with alcohol. It’s like I’d been living in a world of my own, vituko nimefanya ata sijui nianze wapi, lost almost 5 phones, pesa inaenda, depression,kuchoma picha kwa family, shitty friends, watu wa job ni ulevi pia glorifying that shit only to lose your way. Vijana wacheni pombe

lakini usiumie bure kwa sababu unataka kufurahisha binadamu,wakati una shida hao mabeshte hawawezi kam thru

I pity your liver.hehe

Inaitwa tolerance gathee