Alibaba: How do you trust vendors.

So last week I finally settled on a phone which solves all of my problems within my budget (ULEFONE POWER 5). However nimeenda Jumia hakuna, killimall hakuna, ikabidi nmeenda pale aliexpress ile ya Alibaba nkapata iko hapo na vendors ni wengi. I’ve been chatting with a few and they are begging me to Trust them which makes me the more worried. Wenye hununua vitu pale alibaba, Please shed light on how to go about it.

It should be only one. It is either Alibaba or AliExpress. Say which one you are trying to buy from. Because buying and how to buy on Alibaba is completely different from buying and how to buy on AliExpress.

Alibaba… here is my screenshot

In business you got to have some faith. If you were to import a vehicle, wouldn’t you worry yourself to death if a simple phone is giving you diarrhoea. Importers pay and trust, and 99% of the times, things turn out okey.

Utatumiwa bonoko hutaamini!

For smartphones, always do it on AliExpress. Your money is completely safe there. Anayekuuzia hupewa pesa after your confirmation of having received the items and being satisfied with their conditions.


Check the vendor ratings/comments if available. Do a Google search on them. Find out if they are listed anywhere. Always do due diligence on those you transact with. It doesn’t matter whether you know them.

Kimbia hapa
Nairaland guide to buying on Ali-express
Nigerians have been doing it for quite a while na I believe utapata what you need on that thread
But hiyo part ya proof of ownership of the card ignore it, inakaa Nigerians are treated with lots of suspicion

Hapo sawa kaka

What happened to your order

Hapo pa google ndio shida.juu most mainland china companies hazina google existence since google is burnt there by law

Can you burn google? The Law is incapable of that, may be it can ban

Google China is the third most popular search engine in the People’s Republic of China, after Baidu and
They can access google using VPN or other means in other words google there is like Yahoo to us here… But their main is Baidu which is mostly in Chinese… The point is how to filter this vendors from scammers

Niko hapo najaribu kuadapt kujua kutumia hio site

Alibaba huwa mostly ya kubuy goods in wholesale. Most times the vendors have a minimum of the number of items they can sell you. So hao wanakubeg juu wanadhania wewe ni birrionaire importer of phones. Ata wakikubali kukuuzia moja, ni ju wanaasume unabuy sample alafu uweke order ingine ya nguvu.
My point is, wacha kustress hao wachinku, ingia aliexpress ndio suitable na item moja.

Who will explain what I mean now?


take due diligence but finally you have to trust someone otherwise just buy here what you need. Also try if stocks a gadget that meets your needs.

You about to get conned. Good luck. With all these phones in kenyan market umekosa ata.

Buy it on AliExpress or Banggood. Very efficient