Ali Salim in high school

At the back flexing muscles.

What happened really?
Seems like a regular guy[ATTACH=full]220946[/ATTACH]

I mean you don’t expect him to exhibit a terrorist demeanor while still this young…


I know one of the guys, a childhood friend we grew up with

Time to sit down and reflect as a society, ile vita yote tulionwa tukiwa primary school na high school, and still the System managed to produce, a society that’s not so ideal.

mahali mi hubuy maindichoma kuna mdems hupita hapo anasalimiana na accent ya costo …“shikamoooh” alafu mse wa mei anamjibu “marahabah”…then akipita mse wa mei anasema “aya metuuaga ah fatuma na nea kiabuu”

:D:D the hustle is real. Give us each day our daily bread

He wasn’t regular here. He is already flexing against the system.