Ali express poastal delivery. Insane charges!!

I recently bought an item worth 2,400 on ali express. On arrival I went to pick it up at the post office… To my surprise nimechargiwa 700 customs + 465 VAT. Then I again had to pay 175 for some other funny looking receipt. So in total I have paid charges amounting to 1,345 just to receive a parcel worth 2400. The taxation in this country is insane. Though I understand you can give the customs offericer some lunch so as to pay a smaller fee. Posta is just fucked up! Who knows other avenues through which you can receive stuff you purchased from ali express?

Which post office?

Kama ni City Square, ukiambiwa uchukue parcel yako ground floor uko sawa. Ukiambiwa upande second floor hapo lazima taxman atanyofoa cut yake.

It’s fcuked up in this country. A got client an item of a renown brand in Germany going for €250 = about KSh.30k. Total charges came to Sh.27,540! Imeniuma sana hata kama sio pesa yangu.

How do we circumvent this umeffi?

City Square…

Kuna siku KRA were doing undercover investigation hapo city square kushika rogue agents na wasee wa mlengo. Kuna ka mama fulani siku hizi hayuko hapo think alishikwa hiyo time, ana calculate customs and tax then anakushow system iko down. Una msort ndiyo utoke na parcel na hakuna story ya mpesa cash pekee.

Hio mi huskia kuna talkers kama @incognitus wako kwa hio industry wanaeza kukupa mawaidha on how to save on such costs.

Did you pay cash or to the posta paybil?

Ebu leta complete break down ya charges natak kuorder some electronics huko.

thanks for the heads up,I was to receive some books through posta kumbe ningetoboa mfuko,I’ll have to look for other means

Pole kwa masaibu mdau. Next time nione inbox

What an irony I thought you waylay someone pale komarock and then umfinye kama ugali Moto.:D:D:D

even e bay

books usualy not taxed

But I hear medical equipment are not taxed.

Usually you request the seller to undervalue the item… Hua wanafanya hivyo have collected items like a watch that cost around. 4200. Imeandikwa 500…
Never paid tax

Na tafuta drone ya kufanya mission [ATTACH=full]213735[/ATTACH]

But pia uki-undervalue sana they become suspicious. Kama ni hivyo you should try and pick your parcel when they’re busy. When they’re idle, the fuckers even go online to confirm the exact price of the item.

If you want to bring stuff from UK, air ni less than 500 per kilo(wasomali)…from US tumia kentex(cjui how efficient they are, CJAWATUMIA)…Asia cjui. But why would you use posta? Any educated guess tayari would know hapa ni tax juu ya tax