Alfojiri Sacco

Morning good people, its the day to thank God for what he has done to you, many would have wished to see today ,ponder and reflect where you’ve erred, appreciate what you have,someone lacks it and always remember ,be yourself ,we can’t fit in the same basket and have a fruitful day,off to church.


Good day afisa.

You to purity tukutane misa ya tatu na obako pale consolata shrine.

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Umeenda kanisa ama guard duty ya kanisa??
Goodday to you afande @pamba


Just running some errants church naenda baadaye,your schedule today, niko na birthday bash ya kamtoi .

Niko tu home relaxing kumaliza hangover zote

Will give you the coordinates in the course of the day

Sawa mzito

Afisa ombea mimi tafasary


Happy birthday to pambalet.

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Baraka teletele.

Morning talkers,
Lovely Sunday to ya’ll.

Mundus vult decipi
The world wants to be deceived

Why do you talk as if you been forced into the birthday…its your child,not kamtoi. Someone might think its not ya child

Na uache kufinya kizungu makende…

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