Alfajiri Sacco


There is no problem bigger than our God, We command everything weighing Us down to disappear in Jesus Name. May God enlarge Us and cause Us to testify in open today. We pray for a blessed and Happy Day.

Amen, Sir.

ngombe wewe villge chief

Good morning.

Good day to all villagers.

a beaut day y’all…

[SIZE=1]tiger lily[/SIZE]

Padre, it has been awhile. Always good to see you.

Refugium Peccatorum .

i admire the way you know stuff…

Amen VC.

And the truckers take over the sacco

Catholic upbringing and a family of scholars.
Too many phrases are jumbled up on my mind.:D:D

Truckers don’t sleep, we haul the economy of this country while you are attempting your thresholds, that’s why we own all saccos here

I am happy and impressed.

God bless you and the work of your hands.

Your callousness will not spoil my day.

Morning, just watching Ntv live tunachomewa picha.

kuna huyo mzee amewatetea kweli. i like.

Tuko hapa kwa kibanda na Wakahare having a Kings breakfast.


Toka kanukishe kitunguu

Muktasari tumepata sasa leta habari kamili.