Alfajiri sacco (TBT)

Amkeni tujenge Kenya yetu siku njema wadau

Good morning
Wenye hawajalala Wako wapi ?

Hatujalala Leo. Tutalala mbinguni.

Jengeni, sisi ni wa kubomoa.

Wakupaka langi waamke sasa

A beaut day y’all…



Pia hiyo ni kazi …endeni mbomoe thika road ,it was build on road reserves !

aren’t road reserves meant for building roads on when the time is right?

:D:D:D Kasaman is hangover

I really hate the thought that am awake this early to go and hustle then hand 30% of my earnings directly to government and another 16% indirectly through purchases I make.
Then they go ahead and steal it.
Very annoying.

Kasaman unasumbua

Good day everyone

Much annoyed is the Revenue Officer who had to threaten taxpayers to pay taxes and later see all that revenue going into few people’s pockets…

Good morning. mbona ulete rant huku:D?

Good morning. I only imagine the trouble these people go through :smiley: