For those talkers who enjoy a drink once in a while or all the time,this request is for you. Especially so if you reside and drink in Nairobi.
Apart from the usual kibaos and kcs and smirnoffs,what other brands of alcohol are available for consumption and at what price?
And where can those brands be bought.

You input,advice and experience will be appreciated.

You’re buying for me?

Boss alcohol iko kwa bar, super market na wines and spirits shops in the hood. We we nataka bei ya wapi?

Example like drinking half or quarter Red label Johnny walker kwa wines 650-700, locals na nyam chom joints 750-850. Clubs don’t stock kuota, half goes for 1800-2200 local etc ni 1200

hiyo avatar yako inakufaa sana boss

@ol monk,thank you. Lakini hizo pombe za date of birth washana naso. I have heard Talk speak of Black Cock Whisky and the like. Thats kind of fombe ndo natafuta. Thanks again

@Female Perspective am looking to do some biz but if you could point me in the right direction who knows? You could ponyoka na kimzinga

@Web Dev looking for bei ya affordable wholesale…

@emali you are not going to declare ya love for @webdev hapa unless uko reata,oh sorry,unless uko mlevi. Only then will you be allowed to profess never ending infatuation…na ulete mbisha ya ukiwa mulevi selle

Where’s @Theuri wa kigogoine?

Leo watu wantaja vitu fancy and normally kwa thread I only hear of

flying horse
two cousins. …


@Patrome,hizo ni kawaida stuff. Am looking for unusual brands.