Alcohol, sex doesn't excite me anymore

Elders nani amefika hapa. Sijui kama ni age coz I am still young but mimi ukiniitia pombe itakuwa kama telling me nonsense these days unlike kitambo. Pia kufuata fuata madame sioni thrill. I just feel staying at home na wife watching Tv or talking or maybe spending a sunday afternoon somewhere na nyamchom na the boys with no alcohol or ladies. Mumepitia hii?

Sema tu Taliban imekukalia nyumbani

Same for me

Maybe your testosterones are very low. The reductions usually starts after 35yrs. Ama khupipi ‘amekufunga’ usitamani madems wengine na kupenda pombe, so pesa zako ziishie kwake. Tafakari hayo.

You are not alone.There comes a time when you realize that there is more to life than women and alcohol!

Find a hobby.

We are sailing in the same boat. Mimi nyamachom hua nachomea home after that a big nap. Lakini niko na shida moja, my place is like a social hall. From 6am to 9pm utakuta Mamaa is always on phone hii kitu hunisinya, coz I love a queit environment. She has two phones, hii inaongea hii inalia. Mara, its the bro/sis from majuu,the mother, aaaaahh!!!.
I talked abt it before, nikaona it’ll lead to unnecessary quarrels. I decided the best solution, its to stick in the bedroom perusing this forum + watching documentarues.

Fangi na sigara nilipata nimewacha tu hivyo. I prefer solo quite time, great for recharge… as I grow older sina hio energy ya kukimbizana na wanawake I would rather direct it elsewhere. I can hang out while taking juice or water, something I could not do in my 20s… ilikuwa ni kulewa like tommorow will not come.

Honestly…complete opposite for me.
These 18 19 20s p.y.t’s zina niua…kwanza hutu tu naturalista…my appetite for laydayz is getting out of hand…na vile wanajipa ovyo ovyo…im reallt trying hard to restrain myselefu.
I dont think hata niki marry itapoa…il just let nature take its course…kila kitu kina mwisho.
Enyewe mwanamke ndio dawa ya mwanaume.

Heri wewe Mimi sina saik ya warembo and am not married.

Women have become cheaper than alcohol, and alcohol used to be taken to chase women. So there’s no thrill in the chase and there’s no reason to take alcohol. Finally a man has peace. May feminism grow stronger.

Age matters alot, if you’re below 35,inaeleweka. With time, that urge will fade away. Am turning 40 this yr, so you understand.

We know your sexual orentiation

Mjamaa Leo ni Sunday sitaki maneno.

Apparently there are so many things about women that offend their husbands. I just hate the sight of a very smart woman coming from work and changing into “home clothes” that make her look an Alshabaab chokora complete with old matambara for head gear! My old torn socks that she has refused to throw away and capping it up with a lesso that looks like it has just been snatched from a goats jaws. Phew!


You see what I mean. Hapa hakuna cha kutamani, iwe pombe, iwe mwanamke.

Thought I was sailing in this alone. After having all kinds of drinks, chasing pussies of different colors, shapes and sizes. Saa hii I can’t see myself paying 20 bob to go for pussy yet in my younger years I’d even pay for a flight. Drinks I can go for days without. Sadly when I do it I binge for a day or two. Saa hii ata nikiitiwa mzinga najipata Sina shughuli

Part of the aging process… Niko hapo pia, just love a quiet moment in the house nowadays, in recent times nime jaribu tu kutoka kidogo Lakini inafika saa tatu saa nne hapo nimechoka ajabu… As for the ghels!!! Na Kula na macho na kutosheka I don’t think I have the mental energy to handle the emotional baggage …oh you stopped calling, oh we need to talk, oh you don’t love like you used to…As if kupipi isn’t enough trouble . Ah… Mpira, ktalk, usingizi, hio imetosha…

Son you’re turning…

Mid life crisis huanza hivyo. Next utanunua pikipiki n start kuweka dye kwa nywele agwambo style.