alcohol rehabilitation

I have an alcoholic brother, his life has deteriorated so much that he cannot even keep a job, he walks around dirty and with torn clothes, for the better part of this year, i have been thinking how i can help him.
thought of a rehab but several people have discouraged me by saying it may not help, cash will be spent and still he has high chances of going back to the same stuff…

Anyone who has gotten himself out of such addiction ? what did you do?

Unless he himself is ready to stop,everything else ni kazi bure.Give him something to do that is mentally engaging and physically exhausting na pole pole atawacha pombe

Rehab and psychological help. There is always a trigger to alcoholism. Rehab will fight the chemical imbalance but you need to figure out the cause.

Tricky sana… There is a certain helplessness that comes with alcoholism both on the victim and those close to him… kaa na yeye thru his drinks and listen to his drunken logic, therein you will find the things you need to focus on while he is sober… mureffi hasemangi uwongo…

Why did he start drinking and why does he keep doing it?

My advice is to you, not your bro. If you drink, stop. Alcoholism is genetic.

Alternatively endeni mupande Mt. Kenya na yeye… Might set you back some 15-30geez or thereabouts… Might clear his head

Look into Naltrexone and see if your brother can agree to try it.

Shida ya addiction haikuwangi about wanting to stop. Most people want to stop, addiction is physical and has usually messed up your body chemistry.

That medication works by reducing cravings from the brain, so it’s more effective than quitting cold turkey.

my first advice to you is how does he get alcohol because he needs money to get drunk. Make the sure he never gets any money, alcohol, food, clothes or shelter. Its hard to do that to a loved one but an alcoholic needs to reach rock bottom so that he will realize that he has a alcohol problem. FACT

Atakopa. I have a broke in law who borrows from brewers. Kidogo they come parading to his house every few weeks asking money from his family.

Your reply is like blocking the anus to cure diarrhoea. Mlevi are very generous hatakosa Mtu wakumburn liver. Besides that hawa watu wanajua kuhustle dough through ujanja. Halafu sijui mahali hutoa doo ya pombe.

lazima the road to rock bottom lazima ianze mahali. Once rock bottom hits ndio road to recovery starts

Thanks…is it something i can buy over the counter? ama lazima ikuwe prescribed by a doc?

I was an alcoholic. During my imbibing days nilikuwa na pesa. Sikuwai kosa pesa ya pombe lakini the day niliwacha nilisota mbaya.
Hadi people to ridicule niliwacha pombe nikasota. And tell me nirudie kamnyweso pesa itarudi.

Take him to a good rehab boss. It might take time, and maybe several tries, but it works

Brilliant! Listen to his logic without judging him too harshly.

Ataanza uizi ya vitu ndogondogo hapo home, zikiisha aanza na makuku za neiba then akuwe full blown thug. FACT. patia yeye pesa kidogo kidogo juu akianza kukopa wewe ndio utalipa

The problem is usually not the alcohol it is something he is running away from. Once you take alcohol it gives an escape from too much care and you enter into blissful moment, that transformation though temporary is heavenly. If we look closely why it feels so good you will find that it is because we are meant to be living in such a beautiful state of mind. When you can sit on a chair, sink in and relax. When you can let your mind be without judging your thoughts. When you feel contented and care less what others think of you. When you view yourself as equal to everybody else and you have a right be here. The problem with alcohol is that you gain by intoxicating your mind. Therefore the question is how can one achieve such a state without taking drugs.

If the m’fker isn’t ready to quit even taking him to a rehab owned by Jesus won’t do shit. If you have done all you can, let the fool twist in the wind. Akitaka atabadilika.

Hapo ndio sijui. I just read about it kwa Internet and it looked promising. Just go and enquire about it.