Alcohol and Nightmares

Hello talkers,i had stopped drinking for last 2 months .I have been undertaking other activities instead of drinking such as sauna and spa.So yesterday i was very bored so i opted to drink two 2 bottles of tusker.Shida ni when i went to sleep i had a lot of night mares which i havent experienced for long.

Swali ni what is the relationship between alcohol and nightmares?

Kama ilikua Tusker Cider hapo ndio shida iko

jaribu black coffee mixed with tots of vodka…those nightmares come in HIGH DEF 3D!!!

Ferk, ukweli??? no wonder on Monday when uhuru was announced nilikunywa tusker cider mbili, sikulala usiku juu ya ndoto miiingi hazieleweki, Feeeerk, now it makes alot of sense why I was so stressed the following day!

ayayayaya my mind has been blown here

Sitaki more nightmares.

Might you have visited the Maasai mara park offlate ??and that controversial story of two males. Someone is abt to humped your ass dude. desist from drinking kabisa


Hahaha wacha ufala Jaro Soja

Urongo. Nightmares only happen as withdrawal symptoms when you quit.

BTW niko serious, si i posted a photo monday jioni alafu alfajiri sacco ya tuesday nikaambia watu vile sijalala poa usiku…Its true buddy. Cider ni ya shetani!

tusker cider c ni soda tu? asking for a friend

You do not have to drink alcohol

Kuna pombe huleta nighmares boss.

Wewe ntakumulika mahali ulituonyesha ukikunywa alcoholic juice tusker cider.

night mares are basically stuff in your mind.