While in campus and a bit tipsy, I approached the CU chairman nikamuuliza is pombe bad for a Christian? akaniambia no verse condemns pombe but only shows the effects of pombe like the story of Noah’s children…He also told me that what you do after taking liquor is what matters…na according to me nikilewa it’s either I dance or just sit down and “beat” stories then nilale… situsi mtu…siibii mtu… so my question… kuna shida nikilewa? though am a Christian…

Soma bibilia vizuri Kaka

Ezekiel 44:21 Priests are not to drink wine.
Daniel 1:5,8,16; 10:3 God honored Daniel because he abstained from the king’s wine. Daniel, the man, was true to the home training he had received as a boy.
Daniel 5:1 Belshazzar exhibited as an exampleof a leader who drank
and taught his people to drink.
Daniel 5:2,23 This was a nation whose women drink.
Daniel 5:5-9,25-28 Ruin and downfall for nations whose rulers and leaders cause them to drink.
Daniel 5:3 Balshazzar’s sacrilege in using sacred temple vessels for liquor.
Hosea 3:1 Part of Hosea’s wife’s degradation was induced by drink.
Hosea 4:11 Strong drink and immorality go hand in hand.
Hosea 7:5 The King and people reproved because of drinking.
Joel 1:5 Drunkards are to awake from their drinking.
Joel 3.3 Young virtue sold for the price of drink.
Amos 2:8 Wine is the drink of the condemned.
Amos 1:12 Drink is the pollution of the innocent.
Amos 4:1 Dissolute women and oppressors ofthe poor call for their liquor.
Amos 6:6 Drinkers are not concerned about God nor the welfare of others.
Nahum 1:10 Drunkards will be destroyed.
Habakkuk 2:5 Arrogance is inflamed by drink.
Habakkuk 2:15 It is wrong to give one’s neighbor drink - no social drinking.
Habakkuk 2:16 Drink leads to shame and humiliation.
Matthew 24:48-51 Drunkards warned about the return of Christ and His judgment.
Luke 1:15 Greatness of John the Baptist linkedwith his total abstinence.
Luke 12:45 Christ warns against being enmeshed in drunken evils.
Luke 21:34 Warning against drunkenness and the cares of this life, keeping one occupied to the exclusion of the Spirit.
Romans 13:13 All are admonished to walk honestly, not in rioting and drunkenness. It is not honest to be less than men, created in theimage of God.
Romans 14:21 Drinking causes a brother to stumble. Importance of example.
1 Corinthians 6:10 No drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God. (Therefore the preachingof the Gospel must include preaching against the use of alcohol.)
1 Corinthians 11:25 The Lord’s Supper no place for wine. Word “wine” not even used. Instead all accounts say “the cup” or “fruit of the vine.”
Galatians 5:21 Revelers in drunkenness shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.
Ephesians 5:18 Direct command that exhilaration shall be of the Spirit and not by wine.
1 Thessalonians 5:7 Sobriety enjoined upon the Thessalonians. Children of light must not be overcome by darkness.
1 Timothy 3:3,8,11-12 Church officers must not drink; neither should their families


Yet Jesus turned water into Wine.

  1. Ecclesiastes 9:5-7
    The living at least know they will die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered. Whatever they did in their lifetime—loving, hating, envying—is all long gone. They no longer play a part in anything here on earth. So go ahead. Eat your food with joy, and drink your wine with a happy heart, for God approves of this!

Yet it’s written “the dead will hear the sound of the trumpet first”.

And Samuel was called from the dead…Samuel 1 :28 ;8 That night, Saul put on different clothing so nobody would recognize him. Then he and two of his men went to the woman, and asked, “Will you bring up the ghost of someone for us?”9 The woman said, “Why are you trying to trick me and get me killed? You know King Saul has gotten rid of everyone who talks to the spirits of the dead!”…

It becomes harder to understand the bible


I need to reduce taking alcohol if not completely stop!!!

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Ata mimi hapo nimepotea… then Jesus turned water into wine… mtu aniexplainie apo…

Wewe kwani how many times do u drink in a week, for a woman i only approve occasional and moderate drinking, at no time should i see a woman staggering or speaking in blurry tone

King James Bible
Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.
1Tim 5:23
Mtu anieleze hii

@Justoh acha kusumbua sisi walevi na si hunywa mpaka na Bishops na Cardinals, mi nimebakisha kunywa na Pope pekee, so we bado ukiulizana na CU chairman wa shule then keti pareeee, what you do after Keroro is upon u, NOTE: God is a forgiving God, room for repenting is very large, as for me i don’t follow scriptures blindly, My policy is this, Do to everyone what u expect to be done to if in that situation e.g if u sodomize someones child, the its appropriate u also get sodomized

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Jesus ’ turned water to wine’ as a miracle, for them to believe him as being true of his word. Has nothing to do with alcohol being OK to consume.
Most of the bible is in parables and seems to show the vices related with consuming alcohol.
Pork on the other hand is clearly prohibited.
Unfortunately it would be difficult to get answers from online versions of the bible as the bible has evolved and been edited severally.

I DO ALCOHOL n PORK Big Time, the best ever

i can’t relate…

No one is forced to follow their beliefs, if you chose not to follow , it’s your life at the end of the day.
By the way what’s your outlook on life and life after death? In your view what’s the purpose of life?
Eating drinking and making money doesn’t count.

Like once a week, but I end up having guts to do stupid things which is unlike me :confused::confused::confused:

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don’t say unlike you, accept but heap the moment u feel tipsy juu huwa zikishika ni mbaya, also avoid Hard drinks, come to low content drinks like Wine, very lady like

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Okay thanks …will try wine kidogo kidogo

unaambia mtu wa makali @Dora-ttitude akunywe wine,si atamaliza stock ya klabu… aanze na konyagi(20%) akirudi chini Hadi faxe(10%)

10 ways to reduce alcohol consumption. Number 6 will shock you. Inbox for more details:D:D