Alcatel PIXI Power 5023F Root Failed

Vipi wadau.
My phone storage imejaa and I simply can’t find what to delete. I suspect there are hidden files that can only be accessed if the phone is rooted.
I reset it to factory default on two occasions but storage keeps on filling up.
Eventually, I tried rooting it using KingoRoot, but it failed at 34%.
2 questions:
1.Is there a way I can access these files without rooting my phone?

  1. Would rooting my phone have solved this problem?

1:Try manual rooting,

Any resource on how to do it?

google is your friend bro

Mediachieth manenos…

Tangu zamani Alcatel does not have many rooting options. Very few and the few dont work.

Tafuta official firmware and reflash

Alcatel what? Ni power bank ama?

 Actually yes. It’s batt has a capacity of 5000mAh.