huyu jamaa hana heshima kwa mashemeji bwana ,ameita sakanja mtoto ya malaya na wamalwa alizaliwa through incest

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[SPOILER=“Robert Alai Onyango”][ATTACH=full]55024[/ATTACH] [/SPOILER]

Na Mudavadi je ?

Mkubwa unatulet down


hio midget battalion yako itaona moshi

Quote Alai-FB

It’s not my business to care how you react to what I write. I am giving my free advice and opinion. So beware.

On Nairobi Governorship, Wamalwa and Sakaja are going nowhere. Sakaja and Wamalwa are part of Jubilee project to dilute the Luhya’s support for CORD.

But to the majority of Luhyas, Sakaja is a nobody because his roots are not clear. Many know that his father is a Sabaot and he has been saying that he is a Luhya. So they ask where his father built a homestead. In which village and constituency? To the traditionalists, Sakaja ni mototo wa mwana wetu aliyekuwa malaya. That’s how the grassroots view him. He won’t gain much in the quest.

On Eugene Wamalwa, he is known to be another project to be used to dilute CORD’s influence. Jubilee will parade Eugene as a 2022 option after having launched a scathing attack on Ruto’s claim that Kikuyus must support him in 2022. Kikuyu stalwarts have been whispering to Eugene that he is their option after Uhuru and not Ruto.

Wamalwa is also not having a clear roots as some Luhyas claim that he was fathered by the late Kijana Wamalwa after the death of their mother. Luhyas had a tradition where the eldest son could inherit his mother on the death of their father. Eugene Wamalwa has not properly debunked these rumours.

The candidates to watch in the race for Nairobi leadership are Kidero and Sonko. Wengine ni mules!!!


waii this guy can be a dick

matusi haitakusaidia midget chokosh,tukutane tumalize hii maneno

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hehe zero fucks given by alai

Alai ako na Kura ngapi. Yangu ya governor lazma ni patie combo ya Luhya-kikuyu ata kama ni wakanyama- na Mundu mulosi

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KOT and on Facebook are castigating Alai for honestly rebuking Raila.Alai has written that Baboun will never be the president and that he will still be in the race upto 2026.He has also written that Babuon is not a serious contender but he is there for nomination money(business).That Babuon is surrounded by selfish relatives.All this turn of events is after Alai state invitation.Interesting times in deed.


Waiting for Wakanyama comments

wooi.ati wamalwa ni mtoto wa nguguye mkubwa.kijana wamalwa???ama nimesoma nini

Alai says as he sees it… This time round his die hard supporters have seen defeat a mile away as they is no direction in their camp. If things hold the way they are raila can’t claim he was rigged out and Alai assertion will come to pass…

Kenya ina mambo!


Rumor has it that Wamalwa impregnated his step mom after his father’s death. Mtu hujua baba ya mtoto ni nani ni mama.

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i repeat ,sakanja,google hiyo jina

Huna Habari?

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