Alabama Man Accused Of Having Mean Attack Squirrel Hooked On Meth

These white folks are crazy.

Alabama man!
nmeachia hapo

@Deez Nuts you need to hear this story

There is this video i watched of this nigerian woman who was married to a white man in the south and the guy would call her all sorts of name including nigger and abuse his biracial kids calling them niggers as well. But the lady hakubanduka as well as black men that marry white women, when will black people love themselves?

Men are abusive . You know what they say ndoa ni mwanamke kuvumilia. She wants her kids to grow up with their dad. Very commendable

Black people has persevered the worst shit in human history. From slavery, colonisation, to neo-colonisation.

Its not commendable its retarded behavior and stop encouraging such behaviour the woman can end up getting killed and those kids might end up growing without both parents.

Don’t glorify violence against women!

Black people amaze me sometimes we are so quick to hurt each other but we wont touch the white man or asian man. Nani alituroga? Naani alitufira akili?

Majority marriages have some form of abuse or the other, that is just normal. Physical abuse,verbal abuse,financial abuse, sexual abuse you know ask any married woman over 10 years in marriage they will all tell you men are like that. They know they have the power because women will do anything for their kids. They will do ANYTHING. For finances of their kids . This man knows that and this is why he can do whatever he feels like doing to her. Where will she go with 3 kids? Poverty is waiting for her on top of that she is black and non american. Understand peoples motivations for doing things. Its very noble of her to fear raising her kids in poverty more than her racist husband. After divorce the guy will join a support group of men who dont want to pay child support or just kill the woman. Do you know how many women are killed for leaving their husbands? Do you? Believe me she has chosen the lesser evil. When you enter marriage as a woman you should have the guts to vumilia anything and everything because single motherhood is not a joke. This is a man’s world. Women who want to live with men must lie low like envelope Ntimama style. Thats all what this Nigerian lady is doing.

Okay but the other side of that is she could end up in body bags. Chaguo ni lao but i understand your POV.

sometimes there is no choice. You stay he kills you, you leave he kills you . Its a catch 22.

There is always a choice she can leave and a get a job, it might not be easy but afadhali ujaribu. We need to call it as it is. The blacks that do this sort of behaviour are coons and self haters they feel as though ni bora ustruggle na mzungu kuliko na mtu mweusi.

The women I have posted on above links left their abusive husbands. They ended up dead. Statistics show that women are most likely to be killed when leaving an abusive husband. Its very dangerous to leave. Leaving a man who is abusive is a death sentence . Rarely does it end well. This woman was married two months and went to the estranged wife’s school to kill her

Is this a white man abusing this woman??? Abuse is abuse. Calling a woman nigga and calling her stupid and all other forms of abuse are equal. It happens to white ,black,rich and poor women. Like I said, its not until a woman gets married does she really get to understand how much power men wield and why its called a man’s world. Mateso is part of marriage for women. Even Red Pill advises men to abuse their wives. To help them be submissive or whatever the reason.

hiyo redpill version ni yako mwenyewe. Redpill is all about treating everybody equal which means not treating women like the princesses that most of them think they are.

Thats not true. Red Pill is a male supremacist hate group . Equality? What equality when theyre calling women children? Have you really read their ideologies? Theyre all about becoming misogynist . I could quote for you the exact philosophies but Im going out to dinner. Just google its all over the internet. When I encountered them when I came on here ,it was shocking how hateful these MRA groups are but I begun to look at it academically . I studied other supremacist hate groups and drew clear parallels.

And you do know that in every movement there are always extremists, dont mind them you go out and enjoy your dinner.

the squirrel is called DEEZ NUTS ! … jina kubwa :D:D:D

Giving meth to your squirrel, well, this is a crazy story I can’t seem to believe. I think squirrel’s trip report would be interesting to read.