Al Shabaab Recruiting Street Boys As Society Shuts Them Out

Police have arrested and held a form 3 student of St Ignatius Mukumu Boys’ High School after he confessed to be a member of the Somali based Islamist group Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujahideen (Al Shabaab).
The form 3 student confessed to the school head teacher that is a member of the Al Shabaab, which he joined while at Jamhuri High School before his parents transferred him to Mukumu Boys last year.
He arrayed fear that the school has other 3 armed students waiting for their Somalia terror architect to wage attacks on the school non-Muslims (Christians)
The student is being debriefed for more information and necessary security measures to be enacted to neutralize any potential threat.

On a separate incidence, street boys in Nakuru have alleged to have been approached to join Al Shabaab terror group. The Al Shabaab Recruiting men lured the vulnerable street boys with cash rewards and a luxurious lifestyle if they agree to join the militant group.
Case Analysis and Assessment
while investigation on the above cases are underway, terrorism leads, intelligence information is of great importance and security authorities cannot downplay the veracity of these allegations.
To remain relevant, Al Shabaab is trying to make any possible radicalization in East Africa.
Surrendering of radicalized youth during amnesty period has hurt and greatly weakened the militant’s capacity.
Al Shabaab Recruiting of innocent and vulnerable minors (students, street boys) to the group is a desperate move to regroup their faction which is rapidly disintegrating.

Er, wapi link ama picha?

Ningalikua dictator wa kenya kunavitu mob sana ningeban

Saw some hekaya in dn jana pia of the man who escaped from Alshabaab in Somalia. He said many wanted to escape and return too but fear to be killed if found

si huyo jama aliletwa kwa news ama sio huyo?!?

Mimi husoma gazeti n am done… News sionangi. Hata telly as a whole sionangi unless ni footie game

There were similar allegations in the 90’s, that chokoras had been taken by Mo1 to Libya to be trained as mercenaries. It remained just that, rumors!!

These “Al shababes” IMO are just goons for hire, employed by some devious mind somewhere to wreak havoc for their own personal gain. Whether it is to create a furore so that some matters involving them can be forgotten , or at least given a back foot; or to cause chaos so that military funding will be increased - to their benefit; or both. Just my opinion, no supporting evidence

Remember security starts with you. Asande

@JOHN doe…naona umeshika moseti thulma kwa avator yako
al shababu tactics and strategies cannot be wished away…any possible strategy like hiyo ya recruiting street urchins should be noted and investigated…
As a matter of fact the last tym i checked there were so many street urchins/families kwa streets who can be influenced and further provide crucial and substantial info to the militias for possible and acatastrophic attacks…just saying

hiyo avator ni ya character fulani kwa movie inaitwa johnny mad dog huyo si mimi
This intel should not be taken lightly but as you know kenyan police wataanza kushughulika when it is too late. Street kids are the ones who are most Vulnerable to be radicalised because of their poverty and other factors.